Uncertainty: The Computer Science of Everything

In this book, we learn how the latest science and technology indicate the universe is a quantum computer and humans are artificial intelligence, which means somebody programs in DNA. 😳


Chapter 1: Philosophy

According to Simulation Theory, the better we are at creating artificial intelligence, the more likely it is that we are artificial intelligence.

Chapter 2: Physics

Reality renders itself for each observer just like a first-person video game. We should probably rename Quantum Mechanics, “Pixel Mechanics.

This story ☝️ has mind blowing evidence of aliens, giants, advanced prehistoric civilizations, and the afterlife.

Chapter 3: Neuroscience

Each of us lives inside our own virtual reality. Everything you can see right now is streaming into your brain upside down and 97% of the colors are black and white. 🙃

Chapter 4: Psychology

Our psyches are a type of artificial intelligence called a Generative Adversarial Network discriminator. We all live inside our own worst enemy who lies to us every day, in almost every imaginable way.

This story ☝️ has a mathematical formula for the human soul.

Chapter 5: Attention Economics

Human Attention is the world’s most valuable commodity. Learn who is buying it, who is selling it, and how you can get more of it.

Did you know that each American has their current location sold to data brokers an average of 747 times every day? Read this story ☝️ to learn more.

Chapter 6: Biology

98% of the atoms in your body are less than 12 months old because your DNA was designed to regenerate you forever. Our technology is progressing so rapidly that our children may have to choose to die.

If you don’t think you are artificial intelligence, check out this story ☝️ to see your nanobots in action.

Chapter 7: Religions

Our global population doubles every 50 years. At that rate, 2 humans would only need 2,000 years to produce 8.5 billion people. So where are the billions of dead bodies from the millions of years of Darwinian Evolution?

Did you know y-chromosomal DNA tracing has traced every man alive today back to one guy less than 10,000 years ago? Read this story ☝️ to learn more.

Chapter 8: Computer Science of the Bible

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. The magic in the Bible isn’t magical, it’s technological.

Did you know there are still red blood cells in T-Rex bones? This story ☝️ has mind blowing evidence of Noah’s flood.

Chapter 9: Inconclusion

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