@Rich People

We need your help.

We are currently raising money to reach 1,000,000 academics, scholars, and scientists around the world for $3 each because they have such a huge influence on everyone’s world view. Their opinions directly affect our children’s education, the media, national policy, and budgets for future scientific research.

Instead of using “feet on the street”, we publish enduring content that is easily shareable through text and email, drive web traffic through podcasts and interviews, and use advanced location data targeting algorithms to reach new believers.

We are looking for a few strategic partners to invest in custom artificial intelligence trained on our IP to compete against all the other sources of truth out there. Our long term goal is to provide the most popular “aftermarket brain” for the millions of domestic robots that will soon invade our homes.


All of your gifts are tax deductible. If you would like to send funds by check or wire instead, please email us at wewanttohelp@funfreq.com for further instructions.

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