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In this story, we learn about the afterlife from people who actually died and came back to tell us about it. “Going home” is so much stranger than we could ever imagine.

TLDR: I’ll summarize this story for you.

In the previous story, we answered the question, “Why are we here?” from our perspective as creators of artificial intelligence. We learned why our Creator would want to obscure his existence from us: it’s a better test of our character. We also learned why our Creator would want us to “align ourselves” with a religion: they align us with each other. That story is based on theory, so now we are going to answer the same question using eyewitness testimony from people who came back from the dead to tell us why we are here.

These stories are absolutely fascinating, but first let’s start with a quick poll.


You may know someone with a Near Death Experience (NDE) because this term applies to millions and millions of people who have left their body in times of extreme stress or trauma without ever dying. Around 5% of the global population have an NDE. There is a variable depth to these experiences, so this story only focuses on testimony from people with a Death Experience. These people were clinically brain dead, without a pulse, sometimes for hours. One even got zipped up in body bag before he came back to life.

Of all the people who have died and come back, only about 10-15% recall their experience. Even fewer are willing to share their story because Western Medicine ostracizes them for being crazy. But whatever skepticism Western Medicine has for near death experiences simply reflects their ignorance because they only recently began studying them. Here are a few examples:

It’s a shame that scientists are not willing to direct more research budget into this phenomenon—death only affects every single person on Earth. Fortunately for us, YouTube has thousands of hours of NDE testimony that we can learn from.

Here are my favorite channels for NDE research:

The Basics

Surprisingly, there are only two types of death experiences. They are typically described as:

  • “Heaven” - 77% of the time

  • “Hell” - 23% of the time

People with a hellish NDE are much less likely to share their story because they get severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from the experience. Many of them are gang raped. They witness other people getting skewered on long poles like kabobs or having their limbs torn off—only to watch the body parts grow back to experience all over again. We’ll hear a few of these accounts at the end of the story.

They might just help you avoid that experience.


REGARDLESS OF RACE, GENDER, AGE, LANGUAGE, NATIONALITY, or RELIGION—the majority of near death experiencers travel to what they describe as “Heaven”. I have watched more than 150 hours of these eyewitness accounts and they are all shockingly similar:

  • Out-of-body experience

  • Weightlessness and a loss of pain

  • Traveling rapidly through space, often in a tunnel

Some death experiences are shallow and stop there, but others continue on to “the other side”. On the other side of the “white light” is typically a beautiful garden or an orientation center where people meet their spiritual guides. These guides know everything about us because they have been with us our entire lives.

Experiencers who make it this far report:

  • Instant, indescribable knowledge of everything in the universe, like it downloads directly into their brains

  • Additional colors that we don’t have here, one artist said he could see 80 different primary colors

  • Telescopic vision and hearing, plus extra senses that we don’t have here

  • Unimaginable peace and love from everyone they encounter, as if they are everyone’s favorite person

  • Meeting deceased loved ones

  • Everyone communicates with telepathy, so there is no ability to hide your intentions

Most “Heaven” experiences stop there, but 20-30% go even deeper. They report:

  • A life review where we judge ourselves by feeling what everyone else felt during our interactions on Earth (One bully watched himself fight a stranger and simultaneously felt his nose break, his teeth get knocked out, and years of shame from getting beaten up in public. He later became a hospice worker)

  • Advanced beings who are just orbs of light

  • Meeting the Divine Source or Creator of All Things who is made out of light and love

  • Reaching a border of no return, where some can choose to advance or return to Earth

Once they return to Earth, they all report:

  • Pain from squeezing their soul back into their body

  • Massive changes to their lives from the experience

  • Losing their fear of death completely

The fact that people all around the world encounter the same God and experience this same sequence of events during their deaths is the number one reason why NDEs deserve more budget for scientific research. Some of these experiences are “medically impossible”, to quote one of the studies above. For example, people who are born blind gain their sight during near death experiences. One blind woman described the exact clothes her parents were wearing in the hospital while she was dead, including the color, despite the fact that she had never seen colors before.


You will see this same sequence of events in every death experience, so I have curated a list of NDE interviews that teach us something even deeper about the nature of reality. These insights will challenge everything you’ve ever learned from science or religion. And while it’s difficult to know which of these experiences we can rely on, it’s also difficult to ignore the claims that thousands of people agree on. So let’s start with an overview from this professor who has studied NDEs for the past 30 years. (19 mins)

In the video, she says, “One of the most common after effects [of an NDE] is people leaving organized religion, not because they are rejecting it, but just because they find it too small to explain what they experienced in their NDE.”

I have a similar issue with organized religion because I don’t think churches accurately discuss all the alien, UFO, and paranormal activity that is described in the Bible. Western churches have been captured by western science, which is a problem we discuss in:

Insight #1: Heaven consists of individualized realities.

Professor Holden mentions that some people disagree on the physical description of Jesus. She says in multiple NDEs, the experiencer was greeted by a spiritual being who said, “You are about to meet Jesus…how would you like him to appear? Because he is very happy to appear in whatever way is easiest for you to perceive.”

Here is an interview with a doctor who has collected 4,000 NDE interviews from people around the world. He tells a similar story. He says, “I gotta give you this example because I love it. So, there was a near death experience. This person was a hardcore atheist [and] Jesus appears. And Jesus has on a business suit. The atheist kinda goes, ‘What are you doing? What’s going on here? What are you wearing a business suit for?’ And Jesus’s response was, ‘Hey if I appeared in robes, you wouldn’t believe it would you?’ And they both had a good laugh.” (72 mins)

It is fairly common for people to report individualized realities in heaven like this. Experiencers say that whatever we think in heaven, immediately becomes our reality. Here is a good example. (25 mins)

She says, “It was clear to me that what we thought, we would become. What we think, we create. If I wanted to have long, straight black hair—instantly because that was my intention of what I wanted—I could create it. If I thought I wanted to be on the mountains, I was instantly there. Or, if I wanted to climb the mountains, I would be at the bottom of the mountains climbing up the face.”

This is why it is so important for us to learn how to guard our thoughts during our time on Earth. If we had our full telekinetic powers here, toddlers would “throw mountains into the sea” with every temper tantrum.


Insight #2: The purpose of life on this planet is to learn how to love.

At the end of Professor Hudson‘s interview she says, “Near death experiencers come back with some lessons. And what they tend to say is that our purpose in physical existence is to advance in our capacity to love—to become more loving to each other and ourselves.”

This interview explains it so well. (22 mins)

He says, “Love was my third thing I had to learn about and loving everyone specifically. That was different for me because I thought that would’ve been the first and foremost, most important thing. But Drake help me understand that we can’t even see love, let alone share love, until we can be authentic and understand why we are here. Once I put those two together I could actually love someone else as well as myself.”

He also says, “There is divine purpose behind our Earth time. The purpose to Earth is a classroom, and it never was a courtroom, no matter what religion teaches you. It’s always been a classroom. In fact, most of the universe refers to Earth as ‘Earth School’ and it’s one of the hardest schools there is because there is so much resistance, so much hardship here. But it’s also one of the schools where you can gain the most. You’ll live a lot harder life here, but you gain so much more than you do in other schools.”

Welcome to Earth School. You are taking the class, Free Will 101.


Insight #3: There is life on other planets.

This guy was really curious about UFOs, so his guide took him to witness life in other parts of the universe. (9 mins)

Here is another good example. (15 mins)

She says, “So I go and I dive into this orb of energy and it is basically the planet Earth. Now you have to remember I was bouncing around all these different places that were people’s experience on Earth. And also other places, right, not just Earth—alien civilizations, different timelines, the whole gamut. I got to see Atlantean timelines, Lumerian timelines, so much that it would be impossible to describe all of it to you.

Here is my favorite account of life in other parts of the universe. (21 mins)

In this interview, he was taken to a planetarium by his guide and shown the universe. He says, “And all of the sudden he started showing me dozens of different planets—all showing up on the ceiling. Then hundreds. Then thousands. Then millions of planets. And he said there’s far more life in the universe than you possibly know. What they wanted me to share with people was that Earth is not the only planet that you can have a lifetime on. There are virtually unlimited number of planets in the universe that we can have lives on. And all of those planets have different lifeforms.”

Earth is not the only planet that you can have a lifetime on.


Evidently, Earth school is not the only school in the universe because growing and learning is the purpose of eternity. He says, “The thing that’s really interesting about the other side is somehow God must have hardwired all of us to want to continue to grow and to learn, because that’s why we come into life in the first place. … So on the other side, there is an emphasis on learning. That’s why they have so many different libraries.”

The last interesting quote from this interview is about Jesus. He says, “The next thing that happened is a man showed up in front of me. And I know it sounds crazy, but it was Jesus. … I could see his hands, I could see he was wearing a white gown … and he had kind of gold looking sandals that went up to his calves. And I couldn’t see his face because there was so much light coming from his face that I couldn’t see his features. And he talked to me. He said, “You must tell them there is no death.” And the very second he said that I was immediately back in my body.”

Here is another interesting example of life on other planets. (49 mins)

@christians: It may be difficult for you to imagine life in other parts of the universe, but remember that God made life “in the heavens” long before he made life on the Earth. If you read Genesis 1 carefully, you will see that it’s not describing the creation of the universe, it’s only describing the creation of our solar system. In Genesis 1:2, the heavens were not formless and empty, only the Earth was formless and empty. 😲

Some of the creatures “from the heavens” even came down to mate with humans in Genesis 6, so we know their DNA is compatible with ours.

Don’t worry, Jesus is still the name above all the heavens. That’s why he says he has “other sheep who are not from this sheep pen” in John 10:16. Loving your neighbor as yourself is not just the law for his kingdom on this planet, it’s the law for his kingdom on every planet. 😉


Insight #4: We plan our lives.

People with the deepest death experiences recall choosing their parents and the lives they wanted to learn from, even Christians. They say when babies are aborted, their souls simply “return home” to wait for another chance at life. Evidently, choosing new parents is no big deal. Here is a good example. (21 mins)

She says, “He told me that if I came back, I was going to have a third child. And it was going to be a girl. I wanted to know how he knew that and he said, ‘because she’s already chosen you. She’s already chosen you and your husband as her parents.’ When he said that it was kinda like, well, gosh, then I better be there and he said, ‘No, it’s not a big deal. If you’re not there, she’ll choose someone else.’”


Here is another good example of a life plan. (20 mins)

She says, “My guides showed me what was going to happen with either choice [to stay or come back]. Once I got there, I knew everything. I understood everything. Every choice I had ever made in my life made sense. Everything I had ever regretted as a human or done to hurt other people made sense. There was no question, there’s just an all knowing that your life was planned to learn. You’re doing it right, there’s no judgment. There was not one moment when I felt like there was ever a decision that I should regret. So having that knowledge, and having the ability to take away that human amnesia that we’re born with in order to survive here, made the decision so much easier.”

In the next NDE, she recalls the process of building her life plan. (16 mins)

My favorite quote from her is, “I begged to stay in that space and they told me that I was a spiritual soldier. I had volunteered to come to Earth to uplift the consciousness of the planet and that I had to go back for my mission.”

Earth is a front line in the war between good and evil. All of us might just be spiritual soldiers who volunteered to come here. In the next NDE, she says something similar, “Why do we come here? That’s a good question. I think our souls are almost like journeyers or warriors. You know, we are trying to learn something in a dramatic way by coming here. Those of us who remember it, we’ve won in a sense. No matter what happens from this point forward: we won, we got it, we’re love!” (13 mins)

Insight #5: We come here to fulfill a soul contract.

The reason some people don’t get the choice to stay in the afterlife is because they haven’t completed their “soul contract” yet. This contract contains our purpose for being here and the things we are scheduled to learn. This interview provides a great description. (11 mins)

She says, “When I saw the source light, which was different from the angelic light, I just wanna go right to it. And [my guides] kinda held me back and had a conversation that I was given a choice. And it is different for everybody. It was, ‘You know, you’re here, and you can stay here, and you can go to that place, or you can go back. They kept talking about the work, my soul contract, that was like the focus of what the discussion was about. And that if I chose to stay, I would ultimately return [to Earth] to fulfill that contract. And so it was made known to me that if I came back now, it would be extraordinarily difficult, except I could do it. And I had the strength to do it.”

Insight #6: We forget who we are when we are born.

Here is another good interview that mentions “human amnesia”. (13 mins)

He says, “It’s a real challenge to come here into this place, into this world. So I’m flying along and it’s like, what was that? I was like shaking my head, saying, how in the world did I forget who I really was? How is that possible that I was convinced that I was this person? And that I had all these relationships and all these issues? Because none of it was true. It was all an illusion. And it was some sort of a trick or a game that comes with coming into the material world, coming in to Earth as a person.”

@christians: The Bible doesn’t tell us much about what happened before we got here, but “human amnesia” is real and I’ll prove it to you. We both agree that Jesus existed before he was born on Earth, right? Now read what Isaiah says about Jesus as a baby.

Isaiah 7:14 Therefore, the Lord Himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive, have a son, and name him Immanuel. 15 By the time he learns to reject what is bad and choose what is good, he will be eating curds and honey. 17 For before the boy knows to reject what is bad and choose what is good, the land of the two kings you dread will be abandoned.

See? Even Jesus had to overcome human amnesia when he was born here. He didn’t even know good from evil while he was nursing as an infant. After cycling through the Bible more than 100 times, this is still one of the most profound verses to me. Jesus really is a God, but he also really was a man. At some point during his human lifetime, Jesus had to come to the conclusion that he was God.



I told you we were going to challenge everything you’ve ever learned from science or religion. If you want to chat with me about this story, email me here or leave your comments below.

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Insight #7: The Divine Source is made out of light and love.

However we imagine the Source of All Things is too small of a box for it to fit in. I like the way this guy describes the “Infinite Mind”. (20 mins)

He says, “Infinite Mind is completely unlimited. Nothing can constrain it, control it. It’s all possibilities over all time and space. Either manifested physically or not, but there’s no limitation. And there’s nothing that can impose limitation on it. And it’s completely unbiased. It has no bias. And either it existed, which it does, and everything exists; or it wouldn’t have existed and nothing would exist.”

The Father, the Source of All Things, isn’t just male because that’s not how genders work in Heaven (Jesus mentions that in Mark 12 and Matthew 22). Here is a woman who experienced a mother’s love from the creator of the universe. (35 mins)

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Insight #8: You have a spiritual family waiting for you on the other side.

Here is a good example. (29 mins)

He says, “As I got closer, three fragments [of light] broke away and they were welcoming me home. And I recognized them as family. Not so much family that I’d lived [with] in this life, but more like a greater family that are always with me. And eventually a dozen of them came and were welcoming me home. They communicated to me that we were going deeper into the light.”

“We went into this area that to me felt very spherical, very round. And we went inside it and I started to relive my life. It’s more than just a review, it’s a re-experiencing of your life. And I got to see it from not only my perspective, but everyone I’d ever interacted with. It was like my consciousness had fragmented into these multiple streams of consciousness, and I was looking and living my life from all these different perspectives. So every time that I would do something I got to feel how it affected someone. And I was just in awe of all of it, but I also realized that not only was I experiencing it this way, but all of this family that I had met—I call them my soul family—they were experiencing it with me.”

“And like I said, I was a brash young man. I had done some things that I wasn’t too proud of and so when it came to some of those elements in my life review, I wasn’t real pleased. I was ashamed that they had to experience this because they were living at a higher level of consciousness than I had ever known existed. And so for them to have to experience this—but they didn’t [judge me]—they were just loving me and supporting me through this entire review.”

Insight #9: The multiverse is a quantum computer.

Every chapter in this book argues that the universe is a quantum computer and humans are artificial intelligence. Here is an NDE that supports that argument by traveling down to the quantum level. (12 mins)

He says, “The being shows me in a field. It looked like a blueprint. And I was told it was the blueprint of creation and that we were in the quantum field. And they began telling me about all living beings having a blueprint in this field that they could access for healing: physical, emotional. This was our original blueprint as love, that we came into this world kind of like a file on a computer.”

He continues, “So this being is explaining to me the nervous system, how our waking consciousness is an operating system and our subconscious is the hard drive that stores all the programs: things like putting down my car keys when I get home, knowing how to ride a bike, and unfortunately, programs of trauma where we’re triggered.”

That is pretty much how we described the human mind in our chapter on psychology. We even provided a formula for the human soul in:

Here is another good example that describes the universe on the quantum level. Everything in the universe is connected to each other, including inanimate objects. (23 mins)

While he was dead, this guy finally got to hear the first three words from his non-communicative daughter who was already 20 years old at the time. This story is incredible. 🫶

Insight #10: The universe is organized into multiple dimensions by frequency.

Almost all NDE interviews mention the words “energy” or “frequency”. They say our 3D world is very low frequency, or dense in some way. We know there is life in the 4th dimension because we have heard plenty of testimony from spirit guides and deceased loves ones who live outside our dimension of time—their predictions of our future inevitably come true. According to the next NDE, the lowest level of Heaven is the 5th dimension. (8 mins)

She says, “And when I came back into my body, I was traveling at [the speed of light]. So my vibration is automatically higher than most people. Energy, vibration, frequency—they’re all different words for the same thing. And I have the ability to go back and forth to that 5th dimension at will.”

Here is another good description of the universe being organized into dimensions by frequency. (11 mins)

He says, “I distinctly remember asking questions … around the purpose of life and why we encounter so many difficult experiences, which at times seemed insurmountable. In short, he conveyed that suffering is more instructive than happiness. And there are experiences that the only way to learn from them, and to enrich ourselves, is by facing difficulties and obstacles. Embracing these challenges and being able to overcome them left a profound imprint on us—preventing the repetition of past mistakes.”

This is the actual definition of “minting” character.


He continues, “He emphasized that life is about striving to learn connecting with the positive dimension within us, and in the universe, and continuing to grow and expand our consciousness through experiences. As our consciousness expands, we transition to higher dimensions, gradually progressing in this process as time unfolds in this and other dimensions—as it is measured in this and other dimensions. [My guide explained] that we would move into dimensions in the same elevated state as he was. And from there, we would continue ascending until we reached a moment of merging with the universal intelligence and cosmic consciousness.”

He continues, “At that point, we would become one with that superior dimension where the supreme intelligence would be the concept we have. If we want to refer to it as God, or the supreme intelligence, is that which has created life and organizes everything within the entire universe and cosmos. It envelopes us across different scales of dimensions, constituting a comprehensive process of life with the purpose of surpassing challenges and reaching our maximum potential.”

Insight #11: Death experiences are real.

Some people come back from their NDE with information they can’t possible know. The doctor we met earlier (who collected 4,000 NDEs) says, “What they see when they come back and verify later, is accurate in my study a little over 98% of the time—down to the finest detail. And that includes observations far from the physical body. … Also, we have near death experiences in there from people who are completely blind, including totally blind, and yet they have highly visual near death experiences. So again, this is absolutely beyond any medical explanation.”

Here is an example of a forensic detective who died and came back with proof of the afterlife. (26 mins)

Here is another good example. This guy witnessed an important conversation on Earth while he was clinically dead in the hospital. (16 mins)

Insight #12: Jesus is real.

If you are an atheist, then you need to know that Jesus is real, but probably not in the way you are imagining. If you are Christian, then you already know Jesus is real, but probably not in the way you are imagining. 🤣

Jesus appears in near death experiences about 7% of the time, but not necessarily just to Christians. He sometimes transforms the lives of atheists, Muslims, Hindus, and even rescues people from Hell. Christians who are CERTAIN they know how to interpret the Bible might just be surprised by who they meet in Heaven one day.

This next experiencer was a huge Elvis fan as a kid, so he just assumed he would meet Elvis in Heaven when he died. He was surprised by who he met instead. (28 mins)

He says, “As I see the man turn to me, I immediately knew it was Jesus. …I was so certain it was him. He had short brown hair, piercing green eyes, and the biggest grin possible. … This man was just a healthy, peaceful man in a robe, but as sure as you’re sure of what your left hand and your right hand is, and you look in the mirror and know it’s you—I knew it was Jesus. And in that moment, Jesus turned to me and he basically showed me this is what your life should be: spreading light, love, and laughter.”

This mom of two young boys became so depressed that she committed suicide. Jesus transformed her destiny after she killed herself. (24 mins)

She says, “As soon as he said, ‘Is this what you really want?’ I said, ‘Well I don’t have a choice.’ I really felt like I had zero choice. That was how far gone I was at that time in my life. I believed that everyone in my life was better off without me. It hadn’t occurred to me that I had a choice.”

She continues, “And he said, ‘Don’t you understand I’ve done this for you.’ And as soon as he spoke those words, there were three things that happened all at the same time. I was taken into his body and this was Christ. And I experienced him in the Garden of Gethsemane. Like I’m there with him experiencing him experience my life—like beginning to end. And in that moment I got that there is somebody else who knows what I’ve been through and how I could come to this point where I would choose [suicide] over anything else.”

She continues, “At the same time I was experiencing being in his body in that moment, this exchange of energy [was] going back and forth between who I perceived as God the Father and Christ. But it was like Christ [was] downloading my experience to the Father until they were one.”



Here’s another NDE that had a conversation with Jesus. He asks, ”How can atheists can get access to the spirit world?” (15 mins)

He says, “Free agency is one of the most important things we can have—to choose for ourselves what we want to believe and what we want to follow. And God’s not gonna cram it down our throats. He’s going to give us the opportunity. He’s going to give us what we need to overcome our weaknesses through Christ and his grace and his sacrifice—the atonement. But he’s not gonna cram it down our throats, we have to accept it.”

He continues, “And so when people go there—this is why we have a lot of difference in death experiences. Because everybody’s understanding of life and spirit world and God is different. So he’s not gonna give you things that’s going to mess you up in your agency. You have to learn to open your heart and accept it on your own. He’s not gonna just pour it on your head like a bucket of water. He’s gonna say listen you … you open your heart and I’m coming in, but I’m not coming in unless you ask me to. So people will have way different experiences based on their understanding of eternal life. And the greater the understanding, the more stuff you see there.”

If you want to learn more about Jesus from near death experiences, check out this interview with John Burke. He has studied thousands of NDEs over the past 35 years and has many more examples of atheists, Muslims, and Hindus encountering Jesus when they die. (63 mins)

You can also read about these encounters in his book, “Imagine the God of Heaven: Near-Death Experiences, God’s Revelation, and the Love You’ve Always Wanted”.


Insight #13: Hell is real.

Remember how we said that people gain the power to create their own reality when they die? Well, God the Father desires the maximum free will for everyone on Earth and in the heavens. So if you don’t want to live in a universe with a loving God as your master, then you won’t get one, but here’s what that looks like. (65 mins)

He says “Hell is here on Earth, but it’s in a different dimension. When I started learning scientific principles on different dimensions, it makes complete sense. Just like I’m sitting here right now, but there are different frequencies going through me that I can’t even see—like microwaves, radio waves, all types of things—but they are vibrating on different frequencies. So you can have two places in one space because of different dimensions. So Hell is on Earth, it’s just in a different dimension”.

@christians: This actually lines up with an argument we explore in the next chapter. Earth was created within Satan’s jail cell, so God is invading his territory. You can read more about that in:

This guy’s hellish NDE is absolutely terrifying. He describes various sizes of reptilian humanoids who continuously torture humans in pits. He says, “What sticks out in my mind was what I call ‘the human shish-kabob’. The giants were taking these big, rusty poles and they were taking humans from underneath and putting them on these poles. Like four or five at a time and then carrying them around. … I still visualize it, I can still feel it, I can still smell the atmosphere. The females were getting raped. The males were getting their genitals cut off. The sexual torture and the human shish-kabob torture—those are the two that really stick out to me.”

He also explains why they do it. He says, “They get energy off our pain. They eat it. It’s a form of food to them. It’s like a drug to them. They get high off of it. That’s why they are here on Earth to keep us depressed, angry, full of anxiety—because they’re feeding off that. That’s their food. They literally eat that. So they cause situations for you to feel that way so they can eat.”

The biggest lesson to learn from hellish NDEs is that fear is the currency in Hell. Just like we can ascend to higher and higher levels of love to reach the Divine Source, we can also descend to lower and lower levels from fear to reach Satan. The word satan literally means “opponent” because FEAR is the opposite of LOVE.

Fear is the root of greed. Fear is the root of anger. Fear is the root of depression. This is one of the most surprising things about Satan—he is the most fearful creature in existence. Just listen to the way this exorcist describes him. (32 mins)

So remember, your thoughts create your reality in the afterlife. If you believe you deserve Purgatory, there’s a chance you will go there too. (32 mins)

She says, “This is Earth School, when we die we go home, we get the life review, we get to see how we did, but nobody is punished. There’s no God or Saint Peter there to condemn anyone. So I needed to tell people that I manifested that experience [in Purgatory]. You can do that. If your family and your culture and your religion teach you something—it gets so engrained and you so believe it, you can manifest that. So my advice to is to skip the trip—to come to the conclusion that I did anyway you can: that God is all loving, all forgiving, and would never condemn anybody.

In her Purgatory, she was raped by demons and forced into long marches in the bitter cold. It wasn’t until she called out the name of Jesus that she escaped. So if you want a loving God, then you need to call out for him, even if you are already trapped in Hell.

This next experiencer was also gang raped by demons in Hell until 4 magic words changed his eternity. (32 mins)


I told you upfront that “going home” was so much stranger than we could ever imagine. I told you that these interviews would challenge everything you’ve ever learned from science or religion. So what do you think now?


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@christians: If you are shocked that Jesus saves so many atheists and people from other religions after they die—you should be. The Bible didn’t tell us that was an option, and probably for good reason. What’s more surprising is that we just heard two examples of Jesus rescuing people from Hell. It’s difficult to believe that more people wouldn’t cry out for him, but they may not be able to. Another hellish NDE said, “In Hell, there is no Hope. I don't think people understand what this means. Hopelessness is with you for eternity, you wear it like a garment. When the Bible says Jesus is our Hope, please understand it is more than words. 🙏🏾”

The most important thing we need to learn from this story is that death experiences are real. I’ve seen too many examples of people knowing what happened on Earth while they were dead to believe otherwise. Near death experiences seem to be just another way that our Creator is slowly revealing himself to us. He came to Earth as a book. He came to Earth as a man. And now he’s sending people back from the dead to testify on YouTube. 😁

Out of all these insights, the one that rocks my world the most is “human amnesia”. If Jesus didn’t know who he was when he was born here, then there is no way that you and I could know either. We might be a million years old already. 🤷‍♀️

The other shocking insight that we hear again and again from NDE testimony is that we planned our lives with the help of higher spiritual entities. So we chose this life of struggle for ourselves. Knowing that gives me so much more empathy for everyone else on Earth. Just think about all those souls who chose to live as slaves before 1850. Or think about the ones who chose to live as women before 1950. They all have so much more courage than me.🏅

After all the testimony I watched for this story, I feel even more confident that the universe is quantum computer and humans are artificial intelligence. So I guess that means “Earth School” is just one level in the video game of eternity.

See you on the other side. ✌️


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