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Want to be a contributor to Fundamental Frequency? Feel free to use any of our content for your videos and podcasts. Email us the links so that we can include them in our newsfeeds.

Also, I want to be a guest on your:

  • podcast

  • radio show

  • TV show

  • TikTok

  • Instagram

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  • Weibo

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  • or wherever else you harvest human attention.


I know you have a hungry audience to feed each week, so I promise you a mind-blowing interview. My new book, “Uncertainty”, covers all the uncertainty in the universe, so we can tailor the topics and questions precisely for your format and demographics. I will make your audience laugh, cry, and wonder with stories about:

  • Living in 200 cities in 45 different countries

  • Forcing five kids to live an entire year with only one carryon suitcase each

  • Hooking my families’ brains up to computers

  • What to say when you talk to yourself

  • Human attention—the worlds most valuable commodity

  • Data privacy, location data, and real time bidding engines in ads on our phones

  • Retiring at 34 and partying for ten straight years

  • Addictions, all of them

  • DNA as source code

  • Fascia—the most magical fabric in the universe that conducts light, heat, sound, force, and makes its own electricity with every step we take

  • Intelligent design

  • Biblical archaeology

  • The Number key in the Bible

  • Jesus and his Sermon on the Mount

  • Artificial intelligence and AI alignment

  • The future of our world

I perform street comedy to more than 500 groups on the road each year, so I can explain any of these topics to children, grandmas, scientists, and everyone in between. Just let me know what your audience loves and allow me to plug my book at the end. 🙌

I want to reach everyone, so I don’t care if you live in Hollywood, Bollywood, Dollywood, or live stream from your parents’ basement—let’s share some stories.

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