Beyond the Age of Reason

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In this story, we review scientific evidence for everything beyond the Age of Reason: aliens, giants, telepathy, advanced prehistoric civilizations, clairvoyance, anti-gravity devices, and visiting other dimensions during near death experiences.

TLDR—I’ll summarize all these videos for you.

The Age of Reason, or Enlightenment, was an important time in human history because it allowed reason to triumph over dogmatic religious beliefs. Humanity desperately needed that at the time, but it seems like the pendulum may have swung too far in the other direction. Naturalism and empiricism have become the dogma in science today, which is unfortunate, because modern science is showing us that there are lots of things in our universe that are beyond reason.

The Enlightenment needs some enlightenment.


Simulation Theory and Quantum Mechanics force us to believe that the supernatural is possible. If humans are artificial intelligence and reality only renders physical particles for each observer, then anything that’s possible in a video game is possible in our world too. Magic isn’t magic—it’s simply technology that we don’t understand yet.

So, for the rest of this story we will look at scientific evidence of the supernatural. We aren’t trying to prove that God is real (yet), we are simply trying to prove that strict empiricism does not provide a good description of reality. Hopefully, these books and videos will inspire our best scientists to direct more of their research budgets into these topics.

@christians: Don’t let the dogma of naturalism and evolution affect your faith. God can definitely create a new world and populate it with plants and animals in six days. My kids can create a new world in Minecraft and populate it with plants and animals in about six minutes. You don’t think God is more capable than that?

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God speaks to our universe like it has a chatbot interface, he doesn’t even need a mouse and keyboard. 🤔

Advanced Prehistoric Civilizations

Doesn’t it seem odd that recorded history only began about 6,000 years ago? If you believe that humans were created over millions of years of evolution, how do explain the fact that there is no sign of human habitation before about 10,000 years ago?

Someone or something seeded life on this planet, so I am fascinated by several advanced technologies that predate recorded history. This first video shows several advanced prehistoric artifacts on display in the Cairo Museum. There are ancient granite blocks cut by machines with diamond tipped blades, coffins of people who are ten feet tall, and ancient granite pottery that is milled to computerized perfection. (15 mins)

You have probably always heard that the Great Pyramids are the tombs of pharaohs, but there were never any mummies inside. Pharaohs are buried in the Valley of the Kings. The pyramids are massive electrical power plants that harness the Earth’s seismic activity using water, a harmonic chamber, and copper coils. Each power plant cost about $5 billion dollars to build in today’s money. If you think I’m crazy, check out “Electromagnetic properties of the Great Pyramid: First multipole resonances and energy concentrationin the prestigious Journal of Applied Physics.

Christopher Dunn is the hydraulic engineer who pioneered much of this work. Here is a link to his book.

Another good video on this topic is, “Pre-Egyptian Technology Left by an Ancient Civilization that Disappeared”. Skip ahead to 1:34:00 for a modern demo of the pyramid “pulse generator”. (116 mins)

If you watched that video, you learned that advanced prehistoric civilizations had some kind of construction technology that could liquify granite. We see this technology in ancient megalithic structures all around the world. Here is a video from Graham Hancock that will show you several of these locations. (24 mins)

Here is a full lecture from Graham Hancock that dives deeper into these mysterious megalithic structures. (91 mins)

Another ancient artifact that might contain some kind of advanced technology is the actual Ark of the Covenant described in the Bible. In this next video, Hancock tracks the Ark of the Covenant to Aksum, Ethiopia. He interviews the modern day guardians who all seem to die rather quickly from radiation poisoning, similar to the stories in the Old Testament. (10 mins)

@christians: Genesis 6 doesn’t say much about the giants who existed before Noah’s flood, but there is another ancient book that does. The book of First Enoch, quoted in the Biblical book of Jude, states that 200 angels came down from the heavens to mate with the daughters of men. First Enoch also describes an advanced Iron Age before the flood and we still have some of those ancient artifacts lying around to prove it. The flood not only wiped out the half-breed giants, it also reset our technology. We will look at way more evidence for this in “Power Washing the Matrix”.

Prehistoric Giants

Prehistoric giants are another Biblical concept that is widely ridiculed by modern science, but that ridicule only started recently.

The ancient Greeks passed down stories to their children about the Titans. The Kotoko people in Africa claimed their ancestors “could look over the tops of trees”. Nordic myths have the Jotunn. Celtic myths have the Gargantuans. The Irish have the Fomorians. The Sicilians have the Lestrigons. The Chaldeans have the Izdubar. Origin myths in India have the Danavas, Daityas, and the Rakshasas. Aboriginals in Australia claimed the secret city of Burrunga was populated by white giants with red hair who lived way back in the “dreamtime”. Tamatekapua, lord of the Māori migration, was 9 feet tall. Many Native American tribes believed the “first race” created by the gods before the Great Flood were giants, including the Montagnais tribe in Canada, the Aztec and Cholula tribes in Mexico, Mayans in Guatemala, and Incas in Peru. You can read more examples of giants in this blog post.

Throughout history, most serious journalists and historians corroborated the existence of giants. Herodotus and Pliny both testify to the existence of giants. Antonio Pigafetta, the official chronicler of Magellan’s voyage around the world, documented living giants in Patagonia who were twice the height of the European explorers. The official chronicler of any expedition was responsible for reporting the truth directly to their king and country.

The 19th century explorer Josiah Porter visited the Biblical city of Bashan and documented ancient houses with doors over 9 feet tall. You can see his sketches and diagrams in the book, “The Giant Cities of Bashan”.

News of giant skeletons was common in the 1800’s. Here’s a good example.

Here is a video that reviews lots of old newspaper clippings about giants in the New York Times, among other reputable sources. (30 mins)

My favorite quote in that video comes from President Abraham Lincoln. Just listen to the way he describes the beauty of Niagara Falls,

When Columbus first sought this continent, when Christ suffered on the cross, when Moses led Israel through the Red Sea, nay, even when Adam first came from the hand of his Maker then as now, Niagara was roaring here. The eyes of that species of extinct giants, whose bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara, as ours do now.

I can’t imagine a President talking that way today.

Here is an interesting Bible archaeology video that looks at a cache of giant weapons on display in the Israel Museum. (13 mins)

If these videos feel like conspiracy theories to you, that’s because the dogma of naturalism automatically means any evidence of the supernatural is a conspiracy theory. The real conspiracy is not having our best scientists researching evidence of the supernatural.

@christians: If people can be convicted of murder from the eyewitness testimony of just two people, then surely we can trust the eyewitness testimony of virtually every prehistoric culture on Earth: giants were real.

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Visitors from the Heavens

You know what else is beyond reason? There are intelligent creatures in this universe, who aren’t human, who can manipulate gravity. The US Navy has released radar evidence of multiple Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) that can fly with more speed and agility than any human aircraft, but don’t use combustion-based propulsion. Some UAPs fly straight down into the ocean like the water is irrelevant.

That is beyond reason.

Our world is so crazy right now that aliens aren’t even the lead story on the news anymore. If Sixty Minutes had reported on aliens when I was a kid in the 1980’s, the government would have canceled school and the Cold War. See for yourself—here is a story on aliens from Sixty Minutes. (14 mins)

Here is a story on aliens from Anderson Cooper on CNN. (2 mins)

Here is radar evidence of a UAP swarm from a US Navy warship by reporter George Knapp. (4 mins)

Many governments and well respected scientists are confirming that aliens are real.


If you want to dive deeper into this story, here is a Joe Rogan interview of Bob Lazar, who is an anti-gravity physicist whistleblower from Area 51. His descriptions of the recovered alien spaceships are mind-boggling. (135 mins)

Also check out this Lex Fridman interview of Ryan Graves. He is the US fighter pilot who testified before Congress. UFO interactions have become so common for the Air Force, it’s scary that our government hasn’t done more to protect our pilots. (152 mins)

Here is a four-part series called “Encounters” on Netflix. The first episode shows radar evidence from the FAA of an aircraft traveling 44 miles per hour and then 1900 miles per hour without a transponder. Humans do not know how to make an aircraft that travels faster than 1900 miles per hour that also has a “stall speed” below 44 miles per hour. 🛸

All four episodes are compelling. It seems like intelligent life from other planets is highly interested in our atomic weapons and nuclear power plants. UAPs were sighted at Chernobyl and Fukushima within minutes of both meltdowns as if there is some kind of interstellar “fire brigade”.

That is beyond reason.

Most Americans don’t know about these encounters because our government has “Unacknowledged Special Access Programs” designed to limit the spread of alien technology. Here is a documentary about these programs from The Disclosure Project. It has several jaw-dropping quotes from key government insiders. The Director of Lockheed Skunkworks, for example, confirmed that “they now have the technology to take ET home” and that ESP is real because “all points in space and time are connected”.

How can we, the people of the United States, allow private corporations to hoard knowledge like that? (118 mins)

The most shocking thing in the Sirius documentary is the tiny biological entity that has mostly human DNA, except for the 2 million base pairs that are unknown in other humans. It’s hard to doubt the science—it was supervised by Professor Gary Nolan at Stanford University.


According to a US Air Force Surgical Assistant Emery Smith, who worked undercover on alien autopsies for years, there are many races of extra-terrestrials. He says they all have a head, two arms, and two legs—and they all share some DNA with humans. The more you know about DNA, the less that will surprise you. For example, geneticists have demonstrated that our genes work in fruit flies and bacteria. We share 40% of our DNA with strawberries. If you want to learn more about the universal interoperability of DNA, check out “The BioLogical Robot” in chapter 6.

If you want to hear more about alien autopsies, check out the episode “Hacked and Leaked” from “Top Secret UFO Projects Declassified” on Netflix.

In the Sirius documentary from The Disclosure Project, the Director of Lockheed Skunkworks confirms that scientists have a small error in Maxwell’s equations that is limiting our manipulation of quantum gravity. Correcting this error is the key to unlocking zero point energy (unlimited free energy). The error in Maxwell’s equations is corroborated in this next video about Townsend Brown, who is the most fascinating person you’ve never heard of. The US government spent decades denying this guy ever existed, even to his own kids. 🤪

The video comes from my favorite channel on YouTube for deep state aliens, American Alchemy. The host, Jesse Michels, gets brilliant guests for his shows and they make a lot of complicated science easy to understand. Jesse is offering $50,000 to any scientist who can replicate Townsend Brown’s anti-gravity device. Here is “The Man Who Built UFOs For The CIA”. (109 mins)

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Out of all my aliens research, my favorite eyewitness testimony comes from Richard Doty at the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. This interview is totally beyond reason. Doty discusses teleportation, time travel, alien technologies, multiple races of extra-terrestrials, alien anatomies, star maps, and extra-terrestrials who are currently partnered with the US government on various research projects. (95 mins) 😳

If you feel like I’m some kind of alien conspiracy theorist, it’s not a conspiracy anymore. That’s my point about you needing to use your faith to go beyond your reason.

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There’s a lot of disinformation out there about aliens (intentionally and unintentionally), but Richard Doty corroborates the existence of an alien race from the star system Zeta Reticuli. His interview gives some credibility to the absolute craziest diary that you will ever read called, “Secret Journey to Planet Serpo: A True Story of Interplanetary Travel”.

This book allegedly contains firsthand mission notes from 12 American Air Force soldiers who left Earth on July 16, 1965, and traveled with the Ebens on a 10-month journey to their home planet 40 light years away using time waves in space. I know that sounds crazy. If you don’t think that sounds crazy, then you’re not reasonable.

That’s my point, our universe is not reasonable.

The mission commander documents everything you want to know about an alien planet: their government, their tech, their ecology, their wildlife, even the games they play with their kids. If this journal is true, it’s one of the greatest stories ever written. If this journal is false, then it’s one of the greatest fiction stories ever written. The details are surprisingly relatable for a journey to another planet. In the end, only 8 of the 12 Air Force soldiers returned to Earth thirteen years later. A few of them chose to finish their days on the Planet Serpo with its two suns that never set. ☀️☀️😎

@christians: Given traditional church narratives it may be difficult for you to think about aliens, so let me give you a few biblical ideas to consider. First, we know that all angels are extra-terrestrials by definition, because they are not from this Earth. So consider Ezekiel’s description of a visit he got from four angels. How is this not a UFO?

Ezekiel 1: 4 I looked and there was a whirlwind coming from the north, a great cloud with fire flashing back and forth and brilliant light all around it. In the center of the fire, there was a gleam like amber. 5 The form of four living creatures came from it. And this was their appearance: They had human form, 6 but each of them had four faces and four wings. 7 Their legs were straight, and the soles of their feet were like the hooves of a calf, sparkling like the gleam of polished bronze.

“Angels” or “aliens”, what’s the difference?


In fact, checkout this scale model of “New Jerusalem” that comes down out of the sky surrounded by flashing colored lights in Revelation 21. According to the Bible, this is where all Christians will live one day. If you saw something that big coming out of the sky, what would you call it?

We know that God created life “in the heavens” long before he created life on Earth. We will explain this in more detail in chapter 8. We also know that life “in the heavens” uses DNA because the “sons of God” were capable of mating with the “daughters of men” in Genesis 6. So, the Bible says we aren’t alone in the universe and the latest scientific evidence confirms it.

Now, in John 10, when Jesus says,

John 10: 14 “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me—15 just as the Father knows me and I know the Father—and I lay down my life for the sheep. 16 I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.

Where do you think all those other sheep pens are?

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Look up at the night sky, they are everywhere—the universe is full of life. In “The Journey to the Planet Serpo” book, there is a story in the appendix about Pope Benedict XVI secretly meeting with an Eben visitor from Serpo at Groom Lake in April of 2008 to discuss their religious beliefs. The pope left convinced that all life in the universe shares the same God and that Jesus appeared on their planet several thousand years ago. So I guess treating your neighbor as yourself is not just a rule for this planet, it applies to all life in the universe—one flock and one shepherd. ✝️

@ebens: I’ve read most of what the humans have to say about the universe. Any chance I can borrow your “yellow book” for a day or two? 👽✌️

Mind Over Matter

You know what else is beyond reason?

  • telepathy

  • remote viewing

  • telekinesis

  • clairvoyance

The American government only invests 1% of its annual budget in science, and we have invested less than 0.0000001% of that budget into paranormal research. The most well documented research into these topics was performed by the Stanford Research Institute during the Cold War because the CIA feared the Russians were developing psychic weapons. The lead scientists, Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff, published their results and methodologies in a fantastic book called, “Mind Reach: Scientists Look at Psychic Abilities (Studies in Consciousness)

The shocking results from their experiments are that these psychic abilities are totally real. And even more shocking, every human they tested could remote view other times and spaces better than chance. The authors write,

It will help to keep in mind that so far we have not found a single person who could not do remote viewing to satisfaction. Of course, there are differences in each person's ability as there are in the ability to sing or play the piano: some subjects are more consistently reliable, others get better faster. The indications are that this is a widespread human talent, and chances are that you will be amazed at your own psychic ability.

Seeing is believing, so here’s a short interview of one research subject from the SRI experiments, Uri Geller. Uri has demonstrated telekinesis, remote viewing, and clairvoyance while sequestered in Faraday cages under laboratory conditions. (13 mins)

If you want to learn more about “Project Stargate”, here is an interview with lead scientist, Russell Targ. (129 mins)

@christians: The Bible is full of examples of remote-viewing and clairvoyance (prophecy). Here is a video that explains one of my favorites prophecies in the Bible. (10 mins)

@HalPutoff: I live in Austin and would love to buy you dinner anytime. Email me at

Additional Dimensions of Space and Time

In our previous story, “The Voxels of Reality”, we learned about Melvin Vopson’s new mass-energy-information equivalence paper that estimates all the information in the universe. But that only estimates the “Baryonic matter” that we can touch and see, which according to our smartest physicists, is only 5-15% of the universe. So what other dimensions of space and time are out there?

Currently, we only have two methods for accessing other dimensions: psychoactive drugs like mescaline, psilocybin, and ayahuasca…or near death experiences (NDE). It’s difficult to trust the eyewitness testimony of people under the influence of magic mushrooms and ayahuasca, but we have loads of eyewitness testimony from sober people who have temporarily died. Here is the trailer video for a YouTube channel called “The Other Side NDE” that collects their stories. (2 mins)

These stories are fascinating. Each episode is like having a nice cup of tea with a totally normal friend, who happens to have died temporarily. Here is one of my favorites. (26 mins)

THANK GOD this guy came back to life to record this video. His eyewitness testimony is inspiring and we should all heed the advice he learned from his spirit guide/ guardian angel. 🙏

I have watched a lot of these NDE videos and there are some common themes in their experiences:

  • Traveling rapidly through space toward a light

  • Meeting a spiritual guide that knows them intimately

  • Visiting gardens where the flowers and plants are aware of them

  • Reviewing and re-integrating various events from their lives

  • Experiencing the thoughts and feelings of all other people all at the same time

  • Visiting new dimensions that use higher frequencies of energy. Many report experiences with colors and smells that we don’t have here. Some report hearing words that can’t be spoken here.

  • Indescribable love and connection with all living things.

Only about 10-20% of people who temporarily die have a near death experience that they can recall, but all of them lose their fear of death.

Here is another inspiring eyewitness testimony of the afterlife. (23 mins)

And another. (11 mins)

Here is an eloquent description of a life review. (25 mins)

Many people experience a choice of whether they want to return to this world to suffer some more. This video is a great example. (20 mins)

If you are still doubting the afterlife, here is a video from a skeptical forensic homicide detective who died and came back with evidence. 😳 (26 mins)

@christians: I’m sure the videos in this post have rocked your world view, but they contain credible scientific evidence and eyewitness testimony. Churches don’t talk about this stuff because they have a very conservative view of reality. That’s why they cherrypick just a few verses out of the Bible each week. How many sermons have you ever heard in church about New Jerusalem or the aliens in Ezekiel? Never?

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The universe is much, much bigger than we imagine and the Bible is so much more sophisticated than we imagine, just wait until we get to chapter 8. If you want to learn more about NDEs from a Christian perspective, check out this new book by John Burke, “Imagine the God of Heaven: Near-Death Experiences, God’s Revelation, and the Love You’ve Always Wanted”.

Burke studied more than 1,000 NDEs and explains why he believes they prove the Bible is true. He summarizes his research in this interview. (19 mins)


Let’s pause and think about the humans who lived thousands of years ago. They believed in aliens and magic and prophecy and other spiritual realms. Aliens show up in the mythology and written records of virtually every ancient culture on Earth. Aliens, angels, demons, elves, gods, elohim, fairies, leprechauns, and sky people are all just different names for the same thing: not human. 👽

It’s time we stop thinking of our ancient ancestors as hysterical, intellectually inferior, or in any way different than us.


The humans who lived 5,000 years ago were exactly like us today, they just had less knowledge about the universe. Sure, they didn’t know how to make atomic bombs, but neither do you.

I am saying that the universe is a quantum computer, God is real, and aliens are real because of science. I’m sure you didn’t sign up for that journey because I didn't. But once I started learning everything the scientists had to say, they sound just as crazy as all the religions. In my lifetime, I will never be able to do a quantum mechanics experiment to prove to myself that the Standard Model and the Observer Effect are real. So I have to believe quantum physicists just as much as I have to believe any preacher, mystic, monk, or philosopher.

The point of this story is to convince academics, scholars, and scientists that strict empiricism woefully fails to describe our reality. The supernatural is simply the natural that has yet to be explained. So instead of ignoring all these unexplained datapoints, let’s embrace them, and channel more research dollars into them. 💰

Chance Versus Uncertainty

What’s important to realize about all this scientific evidence is that we are discovering information about the universe that already exists. “Discover” literally means “to uncover”. For example, Maxwell didn’t invent the formulas for electricity—Maxwell uncovered those formulas. Newton didn’t invent gravity, he uncovered gravity. Einstein didn’t invent general relativity, he uncovered general relativity. Heisenberg didn’t invent the uncertainty principle, he uncovered the uncertainty principle.

This “one-way direction of science” that uncovers existing information about the universe is why Richard Dawkins is exactly wrong. Dawkins famously stated,

In a universe of electrons and selfish genes, blind physical forces and genetic replication, some people are going to get hurt, other people are going to get lucky, and you won't find any rhyme or reason in it, nor any justice. The universe that we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but pitiless indifference.

Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking profess that if you start with complete random uncertainty (Big Bang) and keep adding more uncertainty (Multiple Worlds Interpretation), then Chance will eventually produce a universe filled with information like ours. I paraphrase my understanding of Hawking-Mlodinow Grand Design as:

Grand Design = monkeys typing at random * Infinity

It’s totally cool if you believe that humans are the most evolved apes in our solar system, but I just can’t believe that we are the “apex of intelligence”. We aren’t even the smartest creatures living on our own planet. #aliens

So if you think I’m an idiot for believing in a God, then you have a 50/50 shot at being right. If you think I’m an idiot for any other reason, then you are probably right. 🤣

Theories for the origin of the universe based on Chance just don’t make “informational sense”. Adding uncertainty does not necessarily lead to more information. Reducing uncertainty is what creates more information.

That’s how science works.


When humans design science experiments to “divide and conquer” the uncertainty in the universe, we are forcing Chance onto Uncertainty. Chance helps us separate the signal (information) from the noise (uncertainty). Chance is why mutually exclusive A/B testing is the fastest way to divide and conquer our ignorance.

@ChatGPT: what’s the difference between chance and uncertainty?

ChatGPT: Chance and uncertainty are related concepts but have distinct meanings:

1. Chance: Chance refers to the probability or likelihood of an event occurring. It implies that there is a possibility of different outcomes, each with a certain probability assigned to it. Chance can be quantified and measured using mathematical tools, such as probability theory.

2. Uncertainty: Uncertainty, on the other hand, refers to a lack of knowledge or information about the future or the outcome of an event. It arises when the available information is insufficient or when the outcome is unpredictable. Uncertainty is often associated with subjective judgments and can be difficult to quantify.

In summary, chance deals with the probability of specific outcomes, while uncertainty represents the lack of knowledge or predictability surrounding an event or outcome.

When there is a one way direction of science that perpetually uncovers existing information flowing back to some source, we call that Intelligent Design. Simulation Theory is what forces chance onto the uncertainty of Intelligent Design. Information theorist Henry Quastler said it like this, “Information habitually arises from conscious activity.” That quote is essentially a Bayesian frequentist argument for Intelligent Design, in just six words.

@christians: Uncovering existing information that leads back to The Source of all Information is how heaven works too. Jesus provides a good example of this when talking to his disciples about the end of this world. He says,

Matthew 24: 36 But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.

God is the mystery behind our universe.


Intelligent Design

If it’s not already obvious, I believe in Intelligent Design. Our bones are made from triple-weave braided carbon fiber that conducts light, heat, sound, force, and electricity. Each of us has a quantum computing, generative adversarial network in our skull that performs more calculations per second than the billion dollar Fugaku supercomputer. I’m not joking. Our brains and bodies do all that using less than 100 watts of electricity, which means we are more energy efficient than most of our kitchen appliances. More amazingly, we extract that energy from french fries and chocolate bars. I wrote whole chapters on neuroscience, psychology, and microbiology for you to see for yourself just how incredibly intelligent our design really is.

Three of my favorite professors who teach Intelligent Design are:

  • Dr. Stephen Myer: doctorate in Philosophy from Cambridge University

  • Professor John Lennox: Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Oxford University

  • Michael Behe: Biochemist at Lehigh University

Here is a discussion with all three scientists that is multidisciplinary. (84 mins)

@scientists: If you are skeptical of the Bible, don’t let all the Christians you know spoil it for you. 🤣

The Bible uses a cryptographic number key that even a child can understand once they see it. It’s used by all 40 authors across 1500 years of time. So if you want to read all the reasons why I think the Intelligent Designer of the universe is the God of the Bible, check out “Putting Darwin on Trial” in chapter 7.

How are you feeling about your uncertainty now? More uncertain than ever?


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