Our God is an awesome God. God knew about electricity, quantum mechanics, DNA, and artificial intelligence long before Adam and Eve were seeded on this planet. Our scientists didn’t invent these ideas, they are simply uncovering hidden truths about our universe that have been here all along. For example, all the advancements in artificial intelligence have come from copying ourselves. 😳

If you would like me to come speak to your congregation about the intelligent design of our universe, the intelligent design of our bodies, or the intelligent design of the Bible—email me to schedule a time for us to worship together. We can tailor the message for your audience.


The Fundamental Frequency Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit that uses the latest science and technology to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to every corner of the Internet. We believe:

  • Jesus is the author of life, the universe, and everything outside the universe.

  • Jesus is the author of the Bible, written through his Holy Spirit.

  • Treating our neighbors as well as we treat ourselves sums up “the Law” and “the Prophets”. The goal for the kingdom is equality.

  • Miracles like walking on water are real. Anything that we can imagine doing in “godmode” of a video game is possible in this world too.

  • Angels are real. They are not from this Earth, which technically makes them extra-terrestrials.

  • God created humans in His image using DNA, which was designed from the beginning to live forever.

  • The entire fossil record on Earth was created all at once by hydraulic catastrophe during Noah’s Flood, which was less than 10,000 years ago.

And we like to prove all that with science.

Please share this with other churches. 🙏