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Ever wonder why there are (4) separate Gospels that share many of the same stories about Jesus?

That’s because the Bible sees everyone, male and female, as the “bride of Christ”. I’m sure men hate this metaphor, because we aren’t used to inviting anyone inside us, but this metaphor is all over the New Testament. You have to invite Jesus into your heart to be your King and your God, that’s all it means. But then you have to submit to his rule, which is to treat other people as well as you treat yourself.


The Old Testament in its original order, called the Tanakh in Hebrew, ends with the reader at the age of betrothal, which is when a young bride would be married. This was early to mid teens in ancient Jewish society. So think of the four Gospels sort of like the “friend ensemble” in the Song of Solomon. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John show up to tell the “bride of Christ” how awesome this groom is that they should marry.

@musicalfans: Whenever I think of this analogy between Song of Solomon and the Gospels, I get that song “Summer Nights” from “Grease” stuck in my head.

“Tell me more, tell me more, was it love at first sight?”

“Tell me more, tell me more, did she put up a fight?”

Matthew is super Jewish about it. He doesn’t even say hello, he just immediately begins with, “Abraham begat Isaac and Isaac begat Jacob and then there’s all this begatting until we get to Jesus. #nuffsaid” Matthew tells stories to demonstrate that Jesus fulfills all the prophecies from the Old Testament about the coming Messiah to convince us that Jesus is the true King of the Universe and legal heir to the throne of King David. Matthew also provides the most revelation about the Kingdom to come. There are 28 chapters in Matthew to show that Jesus is the creation of God’s plan (4x7) to witness new life.

Mark is so concrete and practical about our potential bridegroom. Mark doesn’t even care about Jesus’s genealogy. Mark’s like, “Jesus is such a hard worker. He serves other people 24-7. Jesus loves everybody so much, girl, you’d be lucky to marry him #grindset”. Mark documents more miracles than the other three gospels despite only having 16 chapters. To love is to serve.

Luke is the nerdiest of the four friends. He’s more like a lawyer or a scientist than the others. Luke’s stories are like, “🤓 I have carefully examined all the facts of this case and the bridegroom looks like an appropriate match. I interviewed all his references and documented all the eyewitness accounts and they are telling the truth.” Luke provides much more detail around the humanity of Jesus because he wants us to understand that Jesus was a real person who really walked on the Earth. Luke documents Jesus’s genealogy through the mom’s line that goes back through Nathan (also the son of David and Bathsheba). Luke’s gospel has 24 chapters to demonstrate the creation of a man (4x6).

John is more like the best man at the wedding. He’s like, “Listen, I’m the one who Jesus really loves, okay? We’ve been best friends forever. Some people think that Peter is his best friend, but I outran Peter to the tomb despite Peter having a head start, okay? I know Jesus better than anyone and he really is the eternal God”. John’s gospel has 21 chapters to show the strength of God’s plan (3x7). 

In Matthew, Jesus is the Son of David (king)

In Mark, Jesus is the Son of Man (servant)

In Luke, Jesus is the Son of Adam (man)

In John, Jesus is the Son of God (god)

@musicalfans: “Tell me more, tell me more, how much dough did he spend?” “Tell me more, tell me more, could she get me a friend?”

If you want to learn more about Jesus and what he believed, get some sleep headphones and an audio Bible. Hear what his friends have to say for yourself.

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