About Us

The Fundamental Frequency Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit that uses the latest science and technology to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to every corner of the Internet. We believe:

  • The scientific method is the best way to learn about our universe.

  • Jesus is the author of life, the universe, and everything outside the universe.

  • Jesus is the author of the Bible, written through his Holy Spirit.

  • Treating our neighbors as well as we treat ourselves sums up “the Law” and “the Prophets”. The goal for the kingdom is equality.

  • Miracles like walking on water are real. Anything that we can imagine in “godmode” of a video game is possible in this world too.

  • Angels are real. They are not from this Earth, which technically makes them extra-terrestrials.

  • God created humans in his image using DNA, which was designed from the beginning to live forever.

  • The entire fossil record on Earth was created all at once by hydraulic catastrophe during Noah’s Flood, which was less than 10,000 years ago.

And we like to prove all of this with science.

We need your help

@christians: We target academics, scholars, and scientists with our content because of their tremendous influence on all our world views. Their opinions directly affect our children’s education, the media, national policy, and budgets for future scientific research. Please consider investing some of your tithe this year into our mission of eradicating the false doctrine of Darwinian Evolution.

All your gifts are tax deductible.


You can also help by sharing our story with your bible study group. 🙌