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The Christians in America are poorly aligned with the Christian values in the Bible. The Bible doesn’t have a preferred political party. The Bible only provides the preferred way of treating other people and a perfect example of how to do it.

@richamericans: I get that you probably hate this message because communism isn’t in our DNA. Most of our ancestors were so indepedent that they immigrated to America despite a 50/50 chance of dying from the voyage, starvation, disease, or previous inhabitants. Most of our ancestors would rather die than pay taxes. But when you read these warnings by James and John, how can you ignore our brothers living under bridges? This AP news report about the homeless in New Orleans is just one example of what’s happening in all our major cities. (2 mins)

We have a saying in America, “If you’re not Democrat when you’re young, then you don’t have a heart. If you’re not a Republican when you’re old, then you don’t have a brain.”

When I was young, I didn’t have much of a heart. I was an early “netizen” with libertarian ideals—I didn’t want anyone getting in my way or slowing me down. But the more I read the Bible, the more I changed. The more I learned, the more I fasted, the more I survived in life—the more compassionate I became towards other people. Life is miserably difficult, even if you are rich. There are people out there who are snakes and wolves, so today I think about that “heart and brain” saying almost in reverse:

If you’re not GREEDY when you’re young, then you don’t have a brain. But if you’re not GIVING when you’re old, then you don’t have a heart.


Have some heart old people. Right now, old people in America are not giving much at all. In fact, our country is investing more than half of all our money in old people. Take a look at these spending categories from the Congressional Budget Office:

53% of all our money goes to Medicare or Universal Basic Income for old people. And just look at how much money we invest in War versus Education. We call it National Defense, but our neighbors are the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Why do we only invest 1% of all our money into Housing?

Why do we only invest 1% of all our money into Energy?

Why do we only invest 1% of all our money into Science?

Why do we only invest 1% of all our money into Labor?

I’m not making these federal spending numbers up. They are actually ridiculous, like they are worth our ridicule.

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When I was a kid, there used to be mental institutions and insane asylums for people who failed to thrive in life for whatever reason. Unfortunately, America defunded most mental institutions during the “Reaganomics era” and now most of those people have to scratch out a life under bridges, in prison, or in tents on the sidewalk.

Where’s your heart politicians? 💗

Those people didn’t choose to be born into those bodies. What if you were born in one of their bodies during this “level” of the video game? Shouldn’t America invest more into our weakest citizens than we invest in leveling Islamic countries or buying new hearts for old people who ate cheeseburgers and milkshakes their entire life?

Look at the Federal Budget differentials. 👀

@trumpsupportingchristians: Why are you supporting a leader who has never treated another person better than himself a day in his life? Ever. Donald Trump’s name literally means “conquerer” of “putting yourself first”. Trump is the definition of Conspicuous Consumption. It’s painted on the side of his Boeing 757 airplane with the gold toilets. 🤑

The letters from James and Peter are telling us that we need to judge ourselves by our Conspicuous Production instead. “Conspicuous Production” basically means we should be proud at how much we help other people.

So pick a better leader—one who wants to help people in need. You may not want to hear it, but Democrats, even the “super-abortion-y” ones, treat their neighbors better than Republicans. 💯

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@womeninamerica: I have been in enough budget fights with men to know that they will always serve themselves, no matter what. I can’t see any way we will ever improve America unless we get men out of Congress. The reason my house is run so well is because we all listen to the lady of the house. There’s a system for the kitchen, a system for the laundry, we over-invest in housing and education, and nobody is allowed to make war. It’s not that complicated.

I think the only way America improves is if we steal an important strategy from my favorite television show, “Survivor”. Our family has watched the last 30 seasons together, we know all the players of the game, and we talk trash all their strategic moves. Life is “Survivor” and “Survivor” is life. Every “Survivor” fan knows that tribes always need to worry about an “all-girls alliance”. Girls are smarter than boys, so if they ever unionize, the boys will lose virtually 100% of the time.

So I’m begging you for an all-girls alliance at the election polls. We need an alliance that basically lasts forever because I don’t see how this strategy can go wrong. Who cares if some small percentage of women disagree over abortion rights…the women on both sides of that argument would still agree that we need to invest more of our federal budget into housing and education. America wouldn’t have people living under bridges if women were in charge, I know it.

So FORGET DEMOCRAT AND REPUBLICAN. Those parties are only giving us bad options any way. Instead, we need all you women out there to save our country by boycotting the addition of any more men to Congress.

America desperately needs you to #votegirl

*Same logic applies to corporate governance.

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