Improbable Origins

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Improbable Origins

There are a lot of reasons to believe that the Intelligent Designer of the universe is the Jewish God, YHWH.

And I mean that mathematically, because of science. If you recall from chapter 1, “I Doubt Therefore I Am”, we learned about Bayes Theorem which allows scientists (and computers) to learn from indirect and missing information. Instead of true or false, Bayesian Mathematics lets us estimate the likelihood that anything is true or false. The more improbable an outcome is, the more likely it is to be non-random.


The more non-random something is, the more likely it is to be artificial (made by hand) instead of accidental (made by chaos) and that includes intelligence. This is one of the main reasons I trashed Hawking-Mlodinow Grand Design in chapter 2, “The Pixels of Reality”. Grand Design needs an infinite number of multiverses for random chance to produce a world that looks like ours.

Grand Design = monkeys typing at random * Infinity

The Jewish Origin Story simply has way more explanatory power than all the other religions, including the “religion” of Big-Bang Darwinian Evolution.

In this essay, we will see how the Jewish Origin Story has:

  • highly improbable Genealogy

  • highly improbable Geography

  • highly improbable Genocide

  • highly improbable Geology

  • highly improbable Intelligence

  • highly improbable Genetics

  • highly improbable Anthropology

  • highly improbable Bookkeeping

  • highly improbable Archaeology, and

  • highly improbable Astronomy.

And most improbable of all, the Bible is signed with a Cryptographic Key that even a child can recognize and understand.

Doesn’t that sound impossible?

That’s because it is impossible compared to chance. What’s even more impossible is that each of these improbabilities are independently falsifiable. So, as you’re reading along decide for yourself how unlikely the Jewish Origin Story really is.

Highly Improbable Genealogy

When I first began researching the religions that had a God, I focused on the Abrahamic religions for Bayesian reasons. The coincidence that 3 major religions (Judaism, Islam, and Christianity) are centered on one prehistoric man is too improbable to ignore.

So I focused my research on what their sacred texts had in common—the story of Abraham. Christians have fully adopted the Jewish Origin Story so there’s really only two accounts of Abraham—the Torah and the Quran. What surprised me the most from both accounts is how much they agree on what happened in Abraham’s life. The Torah states that Ishmael was the first born son of Abraham, just like the Quran. The only real mutually exclusive difference between the two accounts is that the Quran states God asked Abraham to sacrifice his first son, Ishmael, while the Torah states God asked Abraham to sacrifice his second son, Issac.

The difference between the accounts is so subtle, it’s suspicious. The clustering of three major religions around one single man in ancient history is too improbable, unless one of them is actually true. If God has an Adversary that invented lying (disinformation), then “the Devil” may be the first Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) ever created. It makes “computer science sense” that whatever the truth is about our universe, that truth should have the most Simulacra—the most substitutes and imitations.

If humans are self-sentient artificial intelligence, then we are the most valuable crop on this planet. 🌾 

@moviefans: This idea is why I love the movie, “Jupiter Ascending”.

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Highly Improbable Geography

If God and an Adversary are battling for our human attention, then it also makes sense that they would both fight for control over the Levant, which is the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. Geographically, the Levant is the crossroads of all crossroads on Planet Earth. Controlling the Levant is like controlling the center square of a tic-tac-toe game. From our earliest recorded history, the events that transpired there could easily radiate along trade routes all around the world. Remember, the Internet has always been here. Before we could move information digitally, humans moved information by paper, cuneiform tablets, and word-of-mouth.

I’ve read an ancient Chinese explorer describe his first voyage to Dar Chin (Rome), and I’ve read an ancient Roman explorer describe his first voyage to Seres (China)—both accounts mentioned the Levant. Today, commercial shipping has moved from the Silk Road to the sea and the Suez Canal still carries 12% of total global trade. The Levant is even a choke point for the physical Internet—check out this global map of submarine Internet cables.

Highly Improbable Genocide

The geography of the Jewish Origin Story might account for the unusually high number of genocidal holocausts the Israelites have endured throughout recorded history. The Neo-Babylonians decimated them in 605 BCE. It’s amazing they are still around today. How many other ancient people groups are still around, worshiping their same gods from 3000 BCE? 🤔

Ever met any Selucids?

In 167 BCE, Antiochus Epiphanes tried to exterminate the Israelites again. Then again, in 66 CE, the Romans slaughtered half a million non-combatant Jews according to Josephus (Tacitus quoted 600k). Thousands of years later, even without a centralized homeland, Hitler was able to corral and murder 6M more.

Which is more improbable: that many different cultures attempting ethnic genocide of the Jews, or the Jews surviving that many ethnic genocides?

Highly Improbable Geology

The geography of the Jewish Origin Story is really unusual, but so is its Geology. The Levant is the northern end of Earth’s Great Rift Valley. The Great Rift Valley is a series of trenches that stretch 4000 miles from Lebanon in the North to Mozambique in the South. The Great Rift Valley divides Asia from Africa. 🌍

The Jordan River flows through the bottom of the Great Rift. It starts high on Mount Hermon, the tallest mountain in the region at 9,232 feet (2,814 m). The elevation changes here are so steep that just 30 miles (48 km) south of Mount Hermon, where the Jordan River flows into the Sea of Galilee, the elevation is already 686 feet (209 m) below sea level. 📉

Just another 100 miles (160 km) to the south, where the Jordan River meets the Dead Sea, is the lowest place on Earth. The Dead Sea is 1,410 feet (430 m) below sea level. I’ve driven from Mount Hermon to the Dead Sea and I’ve driven from Mount Nebo to Jerusalem—it’s some of the steepest terrain anywhere on Earth.

@geologists: Doesn’t the topography around Israel look like that’s where “Mother Earth” would give birth? 🫢

Highly Improbable Intelligence

The coincidence of the Abrahamic origin stories, the geographical choke point, and even the extreme geology all increase my confidence in the veracity of the Abrahamic faiths as opposed to other religions. My personal decision between the two origin stories of Judaism and Islam is also Bayesian. I’m a scientist so I have more faith in scientific research than I do in any religion.

Roughly 20% of the 900 Nobel Prize-winning scientists that have ever lived have been Jewish, despite the fact that Jewish people are only 0.2% of the global population.

That’s so improbable.

Any religion that produces Nobel Prize stats like that gets my attention. If 20% of all Nobel Prizes had been won by Mormons, and their origin story claimed that the Creator of all Intelligence personally culled and trained them as his “chosen people”, I would “grok” all their sacred texts too. 📖

Which is more likely: the Jewish Origin Story or humans evolved over millions of years, but discovered 100% of our science and technology in the final 0.1% of our historical timeline?

Highly Improbable Genetics

The biggest problem for me in the “millions of years of human evolution” explanation is our Genetics. Atheist geneticists all over the world agree that every man alive today was produced from a single man born thousands of years ago they call Y-MRCA (Most Recent Common Ancestor), or “y-chromosomal-Adam”. The Y stands for the Y chromosome, which men receive directly from their father. The mother doesn’t have one to give so this allows scientists to trace our heredity without confounding mutations.

So our genetics indicate that every man ever tested, dead or alive, came from one “seed” individual. 

By contrast, the evolutionist explanation for why every humans is related to one man assumes humans lived for millions of years and then one guy out-procreated everyone who ever lived before him to the level of global extinction and somehow got rid of all the bodies. Somehow, Y-MRCA eliminated 100% of the genetic material of every man who ever lived before him like some kind of “genocidal casanova”. Even Genghis Khan, who actually tried to do this on purpose, could only produce 0.5% of today's world population and he controlled more of the Planet Earth than anyone in recorded history. 🕺

Here’s an article about the prolific DNA of Genghis Khan in Nat Geo:

Atheist geneticists all around the world also agree that every man, woman, and child alive today came from the same mother who they call m-MRCA, or “mitochondrial-Eve”.

That means everyone, including you.

The mitochondria inside each of our cells has its own DNA that we can only receive directly from our mothers. Your mom gave you the same mitochondrial DNA that her mom gave her and that happened all the way back to one “seed” individual. Again, how did this ancient lady produce children that eradicated every other human and humanoid animal from their millions of years of evolution? Where are all their bodies?

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The Jewish Origin Story even has a better explanation for why geneticists date mitochondrial-Eve slightly older than y-chromosomal-Adam. Atheist geneticists estimate that mitochondrial-Eve lived about 150-200,000 years ago (using a bunch of assumptions), but their estimated date for y-chromosomal-Adam is less than 100,000 years ago.

According to the Torah, Eve is the mother of all people, but the most recent common ancestor of all men isn’t Adam, it’s Noah. Genesis 7:21 says every living thing on Earth that wasn’t inside Noah’s Ark perished. Noah (and his three sons) were the only men on that boat so maybe geneticists should start calling y-MRCA, “y-chromosomal-Noah”.

What are the odds that the DNA of everyone living on Earth today confirms two totally separate genetic choke points in very recent human history? 

The Jewish Origin Story even accounts for the distribution of genes we witness in every corner of the planet today. In Genesis 6, Noah’s three sons disperse to fill the Earth:

  • Japheth went North to populate Europe

  • Shem went East to populate Asia

  • Ham went South to populate Africa

Geneticist Spencer Wells (who might hate his research being used this way) is explorer-in-residence with the National Geographic society and received his PhD from Harvard. For 15 years, Wells traveled all over the world collecting DNA from insular local populations and used their unique genetic mutations to reverse engineer the entire human family tree. His explanation of our genetic history closely matches the Jewish Origin Story. The name of his book is “Journey of Mankind: A Genetic Odyssey”.

I highly recommend his documentary on YouTube by the same name. I’ve watched it multiple times.

@computerscientists: As a mathematician, the odds our DNA “source code” looks like this after millions of years of evolution is preposterous. Noah’s flood may sound even more preposterous to most people, but I can think of a lot of reasons a computer programmer might wipe some bad code. We wipe computers and deprecate source code all the time.

High Improbable Anthropology

Consider the differences between the Jewish Origin Story and the “millions of years of evolution” origin story using simple Anthropology. Today, there are 8 billion people on Earth and both origin stories agree we all came from two people.

Back in 1975 the Earth only had 4 billion people, so it took 48 years for our global population to double. For “cocktail napkin math”, let’s say our population has doubled every 50 years since mitochondrial-Eve. If you start with 2 people and you double them 33 times, you get 8.5 billion people. That’s not 33 generations, that’s 33 doublings—we need multiple generations for the population to double once.

So 33 doublings times 50 years means 2 people only need 1,650 years to produce the world we observe today. Even if the global population doubling rate was 200 years because of rampant infant mortality, the entire modern human population would still only be about 7,000 years old.

So where are all the billions of bodies from the millions of years?

According to the population model in our genetics, more than half of all mitochondrial-Eve ancestors who have ever lived are currently breathing.

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Highly Improbable Bookkeeping

The reason we can compare our modern genetics to the Jewish Origin Story is because the ancient Israelites were evidently the nerdiest bookkeepers on the planet. How many other religions kept meticulous genealogies of every important person born into their community going back all the way back to the spawning of Adam?

The Torah names every y-chromosomal father from Adam to the birth of Abraham, thousands of years later.

This improbable tradition is continued in the New Testament as well. The New Testament immediately begins by listing every y-chromosomal father from Abraham to Jesus. Matthew 1:17 sums it up, “So all the generations from Abraham to David were 14 generations; and from David until the exile to Babylon, 14 generations; and from the exile to Babylon until the Messiah, 14 generations.”

The symmetry is palpable. And improbable.

Highly Improbable Archaeology

The meticulous bookkeeping of the ancient Israelites gives us ample opportunities to falsify their Origin Story using modern archaeology. There are thousands of details from the Bible that have been independently corroborated from modern archaeology. Here are some of my favorite archaeological experts, documentaries, and YouTube channels that confirm the Jewish Origin Story.

The easiest place to start your own journey into Biblical archaeology comes from Useful Charts. I own two of their charts: “37 Bible Characters Found Through Archaeology” and “28 Historical Figures Mentioned in the New Testament”. Here are videos that will guide you through both charts.

The next good resource is my favorite biblical archaeologist, Dr. Douglas Petrovich. His first book is called, “The World’s Oldest Alphabet: Hebrew as the Language of the Proto-Consonantal Script”. Biblical archaeology doesn’t get any more foundational than the world's oldest alphabet. Dr. Petrovich presents a summary of this research in a lecture on YouTube called, “Is Hebrew the World’s Oldest Alphabet, and Why Should Laypeople Care?”

I have watched hours and hours of Dr. Petrovich’s lectures on YouTube. My favorite one is about Joseph, who the Egyptians called “Sobekemhat” (he who controls the water). In all of ancient Egyptian history, Sobekemhat was the only person to ever hold the title of “controller of the entire land”. If you want to learn more Sobekemhat, here’s a one-hour lecture titled, “Is There Evidence for Jacob and Joseph?”

You can still see the archaeological evidence of Joseph’s impact on Planet Earth from outer space. In the image below, the big green triangle is the Nile Delta. The little green triangle is called the “Faiyum”. The Faiyum was artificially created by Sobekemhat in antiquity using the small canal on the southeast side.

Here’s another lecture from Dr. Petrovich where he discusses more archaeological evidence from the ancient city of Avaris, including the only Egyptian palace designed with two master bedrooms. It’s titled, “Is There Evidence for Manasseh and Ephraim in Egypt?”

Dr. Petrovich produces additional content for a YouTube channel called “Is Genesis History”. Is Genesis History has short clips and lectures from some of the smartest creation-scientists I’ve found. Here are a few of my favorite lectures from geologists Dr. Andrew Snelling and Dr. Steve Austin. I know geology isn’t archaeology, but geology is a “natural witness” that independently corroborates the Jewish Origin Story.

Dr. Austin demonstrates how “fossil fuels” (petrochemicals) are created very rapidly from floating log mats and Dr. Snelling demonstrates the scientific challenges with radioactive dating methods and super slow plate tectonics. I’ve also included a few lectures on the fossil record by biologist Dr. Kurt Wise.

How Old Is the Earth?

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What is Radioisotope Dating? And Can We Trust It?

What Caused the Worldwide Flood of Noah's Day?

What in the World Happened AFTER Noah Stepped off the Ark?

What Do Floating Log Mats Have to Do with Noah's Flood?

How Does a Global Flood Explain the Order of the Fossil Record?

Seriously annoy a biologist.


What Does Soft Tissue in Dinosaur Bones Mean for Evolution?

Evidence that Noah's Flood Formed the Fossil Record

Mount St. Helens: Explosive Evidence for Creation

If you're a scientist, just listen to how these guys talk. They are scientists. They simply start with the Jewish Origin Story to interpret the exact same data as the rest of the scientific community. Regardless of what you personally believe, you need exactly as much faith to believe that there is NO God as you need to believe that there is. It’s a Bayesian decision.

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In one lecture by Dr. Snelling, he shows how the plate tectonics of Noah’s flood forced magma from the surface of the Earth deep into its core. Atheist geologists can still measure this cold spot deep in the Earth because it happened so recently. Which idea is more difficult to believe: the “waters of the deep” (magma) burst forth in Noah’s flood to transform the continents of Earth, or the entire universe is made out of information? Both are preposterous. Both are probably true.

The next good resource for biblical archaeology is a documentary that focuses on King David called, “Searching for a King: the United Kingdom of Israel” produced by Appian Media. If you have never traveled to Israel, their YouTube channel has several good videos that tour important locations in the Bible. I have personally visited most of the sites in this documentary and seeing these locations dramatically improved how I understand the Bible.

My wife and daughter walking through Decapolis, where Jesus performed several miracles
Sunset on the Sea of Galilee
My son surveying Armageddon

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The final part of the film, “Searching for a King: the United Kingdom of Israel” visits Qumran National Park, home of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Before the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest known Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) in the world was copied in 900 AD. The Dead Sea Scrolls were more than 1,000 years older and confirmed with incredible accuracy that our Old Testament texts are reliable copies of the original works. The Essene Jewish sect that lived at Qumran was so fanatical about their bookkeeping that the scribes stopped to bathe every time they had to write “YHVH”, the name of God.

One of the archaeologists in the film is Dr. Scott Stripling 🤘, who just made a big archaeological discovery on Mount Ebal. Here’s an interview with him discussing his Top 5 archaeological finds that affirm the Bible.

Here’s another archaeological find video related to King David about a cache of giant weapons buried in the ground in Israel. It’s from a YouTube Channel called, “Expedition Bible”. This guy will take you to almost every location in the Old Testament.

Here’s another one from Expedition Bible.

Text these videos to a church friend.


So far, the archaeological finds have been related to Joseph or King David. Here are a few about Moses. (25 mins)

This one is from a really good YouTube channel called, “The Bible Explained”. I’m a subscriber. (20 mins)

This one is from the The John 10:10 Project. I subscribe to them too. (6 mins)

You know how scary the plagues sound from the perspective of the Hebrews? Well there is an ancient Egyptian scroll from this same time period that describes the same series of events. (21 mins)

This next video is only 5 mins, but has good flyovers of the locations in Exodus.

And finally, my absolute favorite archaeological documentary that confirms the Jewish Origin Story is called “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus” by Tim Mahoney. Here’s a (paid) link to rent it on Amazon. Mahoney also produces a Youtube channel with the same name.

Highly Improbable Astronomy

So far we’ve seen the Jewish Origin Story confirmed by geology, genetics, manuscripts, steles, curse tablets, monuments, and other things buried in the ground. But what about the stars? The Jewish Origin Story accurately described the planets and the cosmos centuries before our smartest scientists.

For example, Job 26 is the earliest known assertion that the world is round, which was over a thousand years earlier than Pythagoras. Job 26 also mentions that God hung the circle of the Earth “on nothing”, which was a crazy idea until Sir Isaac Newton explained gravity. In Isaiah 40, the Bible says God “stretches out the heavens like thin cloth” as a tent to live in. I wouldn’t be surprised if the cloth was spacetime and the stretching was dark energy.

How else would you explain these ideas to a caveman?

If you read “Measuring the Matrix” in chapter 2, “The Pixels of Reality”, you already know I believe quantum mechanics is mentioned in Genesis 1 when God separates the “waters below the expanse of the universe” from the waters above. The only “subliminal water” I know is quantum wave function.

My favorite astronomical confirmation of the Bible comes from the Christmas Star in the New Testament. Spoiler Alert: the highly improbable astronomy that ancient people knew how to read continues unabated from the Old Testament to the New Testament, just like those highly improbable genealogies. The Christmas Star is literally the next thing we’re told about. Matthew 1 is a list of who begat who and Matthew 2 mentions the star. 🌟

The Christmas Star is more of a confirmation of the destination story than the origin story, but it’s still just as interesting. Here’s a link to series of blog posts called “The Star of Bethlehem”, where nerds used computer simulations to reverse engineer the movement of the planets and the stars going back thousands of years. This allowed the astronomers to compare and contrast their movement with the Biblical text. This story will blow your mind for real. They even pinpointed the exact date Jesus was crucified—just from the stars. Our universe was transformed on the weekend of April 3-5, 33 AD.

Seriously annoy an atheist astronomer.


Highly Improbable Cryptographic Key

Remember how Matthew pointed out the symmetry of the 14 generations 3 separate times? That was important to Matthew because the number 14 means something in the Bible, metaphorically. What is superfreaky-improbable is that every author in the Bible, separated by centuries of time, uses this same Metaphorical Number Key.

The reason that sounds totally crazy…is because it is totally crazy. It’s impossible, especially compared to chance. Whenever you see counts of things in the Bible, like 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish, there will be a secondary meaning. How many baskets were left over? 12.

Here’s my crib for the Bible’s metaphorical number key:

  • 1 - begin, beginning

  • 2 - witness

  • 3 - strong, strength

  • 4 - create, creation

  • 5 - bless, gift

  • 6 - human

  • 7 - God’s plan

  • 8 - new life, resurrection

  • 9 - judge, judgment

The reason the Jewish day of rest is the 7th day of the week is because that was God’s plan. The reason the Christian day of rest is the 1st day of the week is because Christians are actually celebrating the 8th day of the week. That was the day Jesus rose from the grave to give new life. Jesus was crucified on the 6th day of the week because he was human.

The number key intensifies and combines intuitively from there:

  • 10 - order

  • 11 - confusion, disorganization

  • 12 - kingdom, government

  • 13 - rebellion, change, new strength

  • 14 - God moves (2x7) (witness His plan)

  • 15 - strong blessing (3x5)

  • 16 - love (2x8) (witness new life)

  • 17 - pour forth

  • 18 - stronger man (being new life)

  • 19 - test (begin judgment)

  • 20 - witness order

  • 24 - kingdom above (2x12)

  • 27 - strong judgment

  • 30 - very strong order

  • 39 - very strong rebellion (3x13)

  • 40 - create new order (completely transform)

  • 50 - organized blessing, jubilee

Let’s use the number 40 as an example of how this works. When something happens 40 times in the Bible, it creates new order. When the “waters of the deep” burst forth in Noah’s flood, it rained for (40) days and (40) nights. If it only rained (39) nights, then the Earth would have been very strongly cleansed, but not completely purified. Paul was beaten with (39) lashes three separate times for his very strong rebellion, because (40) lashes would have completely killed him. When a young David went to the front lines to visit his brothers, Goliath had taunted Israel for the full (40) days. If David fought Goliath after only (39) days of rebellious taunting, David would have “robbed” King Saul of his rightful duty to stand up and defend Israel. So King Saul basically abdicated in absentia, creating a completely new order.

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Sometimes this cryptographic Bible key also shows up in itemized lists. For example, in the Bible’s “love chapter” that gets quoted at most American weddings, love has (16) different qualities. Love

  1. is patient

  2. is kind

  3. does not envy

  4. does not boast

  5. is not conceited

  6. does not act improperly

  7. is not selfish

  8. is not provoked

  9. keeps no record of wrongs

  10. has no joy in unrighteousness

  11. rejoices in truth

  12. bears all things

  13. believes all things

  14. hopes all things

  15. endures all things

  16. never ends

Another example of an itemized list being used this way is in Paul’s letter to the Galatians. Galatians 5 mentions the (9) “fruits of the spirit” which we can use to judge our own character (and others). Jesus said we will know everyone by their “fruit”:

  1. Love (agape - preference of others over self)

  2. Joy (chara - recognizes a favor)

  3. Peace (eirene - serenity)

  4. Patience (makrothymoi - long heat)

  5. Kindness (chrestotes - charitable usefulness)

  6. Goodness (agathosune - good deep down in your heart)

  7. Faithfulness (pistis - persuadable by God)

  8. Gentleness (prautes - power remaining in reserve)

  9. Self-control (egkrateia - dominion from within)

The cryptographic Bible key sometimes even shows up in the chapter and verse numbers. For example, in Exodus 14 God moves to part the sea and in Exodus 17 water pours forth from the split rock we saw in the archaeological videos. I will point out the cryptographic Bible key over and over throughout the rest of this book. By the end of the next chapter, you’ll know it by heart.

As a computer scientist, the Bible key is the strongest Bayesian evidence that an intelligence greater than mankind is actively influencing our universe. From Abraham to David were (14) generations; and from David until the exile to Babylon, (14) generations; and from the exile to Babylon until the Messiah, (14) generations.

Matthew didn’t make that symmetry happen.

Email this story to your bible study group.


In Conclusion

I know the number key in the Bible is ridiculous, that’s my point. It’s impossible. It’s so impossible that I would need an infinite amount of multiverses to believe that the 750,000 words of the Bible would ever end up that way by random chance. 🤣

The Jewish Origin Story has highly improbable genealogies, highly improbable geography, highly improbable genocides, highly improbable geology, highly improbable intelligence, highly improbable genetics, highly improbable anthropology, highly improbable bookkeeping, highly improbable archaeology, highly improbable astronomy, and highly improbable cryptography. These improbabilities are just too impossible for me to ignore AS A SCIENTIST.

So when I apply Bayesian thinking to all the indirect evidence presented in this book so far, I mathematically conclude:

  • It is likely that humans are artificial intelligence.

  • It is likely that our universe is a simulation.

  • It is likely that our simulation has a designer.

  • It is likely that our designer uses a religion.

  • It is likely that the religion is Judaism.

Therefore, it is likely that YHWH is “He Who Programs In DNA”.

In the next essay, we will explore reasons why Jesus might actually be the “Logos”, or Logic, that was there in the beginning in John 1:1.

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