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Chapter 3 – The Quantum Neural Network 

Chapter 4 – The Human Operating System 

  • Introduction

  • Quantum Computing, Fast and Slow 

  • The Iceberg Below the Surface  

  • The Royal “We” 

  • Gardening Our Thoughts  

  • Flavors of Inner Monologues  

Chapter 5 - The War for Human Attention

  • Introduction

  • Real-time Bidding for Your Attention  

  • Waste Not, Want No(t|w) 

  • Truth From the Square or the Tower  

  • Returns on My Attention 

  • Email Times Best Seller List 

Chapter 6 – The BioLogical Robot 

  • Introduction

  • The RAID-10 Tape Drives of Life  

  • Death Sustains Life 

  • The Universal Computer 

  • The Carbon Fiber Robot 

  • Repairing the robot 

  • Freebridge  

@everyoneelse: If you skipped buying my e-book license for these middle chapters, feel free to continue reading in chapter 7, “Religion as Code”. The last four chapters are donationware. If you get to the end of the story and think it’s worth more than $0, go to the Table of Contents and tap Paywall. That will take you right back to this screen.  You should support my mission to create software that powers the underpowered.

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