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I have a few more books that I want to write for profit. This foundation only owns the intellectual property I’m willing to give to the Internet for free.

I have been publishing 400-word essays on Instagram for my real life friends for almost a decade. I have covered everything from guns, politics, racism, parenting, history, science, and technology. I want to turn the best essays into several thousand-word pieces for an anthology. I’m thinking way less science and religion, and something more like “Arguably” by Christopher Hitchens.

I have also been pitching ideas for a parenting book that’s currently titled, “Sticks and Stones” with the subtitle, “will break my bones but words will irreparably damage me forever.”

If you want to publish either of these books, email me at:


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@bookagents: If you represent some of the best authors in the world and you’re willing to represent me, I want an agent who can get me more than $2.50 per book out of the publishers. 😁