The Pixels of Reality

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To completely honor Descartes’ Scientific Method, we need to break our uncertainty down into the smallest possible quantity. And that means we need to understand what happens inside a quantum voxel of reality.

Let’s start with this video from science blogger Arvin Ash explaining the Standard Model of quantum field theory. (16 mins)

Also, here’s a 90-minute lecture on YouTube from Neil Turok called, “The Astonishing Simplicity of Everything”.

I’ve watched this presentation several times because Turok makes the entire universe so incredibly simple to understand. He will also help you appreciate the great mathematicians in human history like Euler and Maxwell.

Turok also does a masterful job explaining the imaginary number ‘i’, which has a sinusoidal wave influence on the formulas in quantum field theory. Ironically, we have to use a number we know for sure isn’t real, to explain everything we know for sure is real. If there is a “real God” who influences our universe through “imaginary numbers”, that is cosmically hilarious.

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The discrete quanta that render everything in our universe are the size of a Planck Length, named for German physicist Max Planck. The Planck length is the official “minimum distance in the universe” based on the properties of Light and Gravity.

The Planck length is 1.6x10-35 meters small, which isn’t very relatable to anyone. So here’s a very simple way to imagine how small that is. Look at your arm and imagine how small one of your skin cells is. It’s much smaller than the diameter of an arm hair. Now imagine the size of that little skin cell to the entire observable universe. Imagine the galaxies past the galaxies you can see. It’s difficult to imagine just how small that skin cell is in comparison, right?

Well, your skin cell is 10-5 meters small and the universe is 1026 meters across. Now, let’s pull out all three of those exponents so they are easier for us to compare:

-35 (Planck length), -5 (human cell), 26 (entire observable universe)

What do you notice?

Your skin cell, compared to the entire universe, is exactly how small the voxels of reality are, compared to that same skin cell.

So reflexively, there is exactly one universe inside every cell of your body.


There are 30 orders of magnitude either way. So human-scale sits perfectly in the middle of the largest and smallest things in the universe, which means we are unable to see past the boundaries of our existence either way. We live in a “vice of uncertainty” either by chance, or by design. 🤷

Fields of Information

Quantum Field Theory is an informational theory so it’s important to understand the Field. Here’s a quote from Wiki, “In physics, a field is a physical quantity, represented by a scalar, vector, or tensor, that has a value for each point in space and time. For example, on a weather map, the surface temperature is described by assigning a number to each point on the map; the temperature can be considered at a certain point in time or over some interval of time, to study the dynamics of temperature change. A surface wind map, assigning an arrow to each point on a map that describes the wind speed and direction at that point, is an example of a vector field, i.e. a 1-dimensional (rank-1) tensor field. Field theories, mathematical descriptions of how field values change in space and time, are ubiquitous in physics. For instance, the electric field is another rank-1 tensor field, while electrodynamics can be formulated in terms of two interacting vector fields at each point in spacetime, or as a single-rank 2-tensor field.”

@cybernerds: The easiest metaphor for me to understand what happens within a quantum voxel of reality is the Tensor in artificial neural networks. Superposition is some sort of multidimensional math of all possibilities that only gets calculated when rendering for an observer. If spacetime is made up of discrete quantum-tensors, then Mother Nature might be a quantum neural network. 🌍👀

The easiest metaphor for me to explain what happens within a quantum voxel of reality is the spreadsheet. A field is like a big spreadsheet with information at each individual point. The 17 fields that make up reality all intersect and interact at each point in spacetime to produce the “voxels of reality”. Fields have “groups” and “rings” that perform mathematical calculations, which are kind of like subtotals for various rows and columns which change the values within each cell. I wish I knew a dumber way to explain this to myself. Each cell has calculations going on inside it that are affected by the calculations in the adjacent voxels. So when a photon of light gets shot across spacetime, the light acts as a “wave of analog calculation” rippling across the spreadsheet at a fixed rate. The calculations ebb and flow among adjacent cells like the ripples on a pond until they come to equilibrium.

@biblenerds: In Genesis 1:6, God separates the waters above the expanse of the universe from the waters below. The only “subliminal water” I know is quantum-wave function. If the internet is in the Bible, why not quantum mechanics? If there is a God, then he invented what we call quantum mechanics, right?

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We can also use the spreadsheet metaphor to help imagine quantum entanglement. This is the “spooky action at a distance” that unnerved Einstein and Schrödinger because the speed of information travels faster than the speed of light. Quantum entanglement means that two cells calculate their values in tandem despite being really far apart in the spreadsheet. For example, in the cell A1 we could insert the formula “=Z1”. Whenever the information in Z1 changes, A1 gets updated automagically. That’s “spreadsheet entanglement”. Quantum entanglement provides direct evidence of a mechanism that transmits quantum-information outside the known laws of our universe. Quantum entanglement might be the best evidence that our universe is hosted by some kind of Quantum Mechanical Server.

The quantum information that is auto-calculating within each voxel of reality is called Energy. The concept of energy was first mentioned by Aristotle in the 4th century BC, but it took two thousand more years for Gottfried Leibniz to propose the idea of vis viva (Latin for “living force”). Leibniz believed total vis viva was conserved and could be calculated by the product of an object’s Mass times its Velocity squared. That’s not a bad guess for 200 years before Einstein. Leibniz was only off by the speed of light. Later, a British mathematician instrumental in deciphering Egyptian Hieroglyphs was the first to use “energy” to replace “vis viva”. “Energy” comes from ancient Greek meaning “activity” or “operation”. A few decades later Lord Kelvin defined the Laws of Thermodynamics which cemented the word Energy into science forever.

Energy is auto-calculating quantum information.

@philosophers: If Energy is simply the quantum calculations of a Quantum Mechanical Server, then it drastically alters what I consider possible in our universe. The reason the Netflix show “Black Mirror” is so trippy is their use of simulations for artificial intelligence. If you live in a simulation, you can’t even prove that yesterday existed. It probably did, but you can’t prove that everyone on Earth didn’t begin “this version of the simulation” in the exact quantum-configuration from 10-minutes ago. How do you know all your memories before today weren’t downloaded into your neural network before you “booted up” this morning? We wouldn’t even know if our universe gets “quantum-paused” when our creator takes the trash out in heaven.

@philosophers: Let’s assume that the “god mode” of any simulation can’t be more advanced than the “god mode” of the parent simulation that produced it. In simple terms, anything we can imagine creating in a video game, is easily possible for “God” to create in our world. Walk on water? Throw mountains into the sea? Spawn fantastical creatures? Fly through the air? Those are just player permissions.

If energy is simply auto-calculating quantum-information, then we can explore just how much total information is in our universe. Light comes from energy. Matter comes from energy. Everything in the knowable universe comes from energy. According to our most advanced astronomers, only 5% of the energy in the universe is converted into Baryonic Matter that we can taste, touch, smell, feel, and see. That 5% includes the Earth and every star, galaxy, and planet that we’ve ever measured with all our instruments. Our universe is only 5% “real”.

27% of the universe's total energy is Dark Matter. Dark matter doesn’t interact with light or any other form of electromagnetic radiation so it’s completely invisible to us. Theoretically, dark matter uses the same spacetime dimensions as we do, so inside each point in the universe is additional quantum information that isn’t detectable by us. The only reason we know that dark matter is there is because it has gravity. Dark Matter is evident in every galaxy we study, including our own. We don’t know if the Higgs Field is the gateway to accessing this dark matter or if there’s a second Higgs field that creates an alternate universe that’s parallel to this one.

The most interesting question given the ratios of baryonic matter and dark matter is, “Is there a civilization more advanced than us that’s made up entirely of dark matter?” Maybe there are dark planets in dark galaxies. Maybe they have their own dark cities filled with dark civilizations. Maybe their world is the “real matter” and to them, we are made of “dark matter”. Maybe angels and demons and aliens are just regular people made of dark matter, who can manipulate their Higgs Field to interact with us. Maybe our matter seems like a hologram to them while their matter is invisible to us. Maybe this paragraph needs more maybes. 🤷‍♂️

Even more uncertain than dark matter is Dark Energy. This isn’t like dark matter, which we can detect through gravity. Dark energy is supposed to explain why galaxies are getting further apart from each other despite their intense gravity. The consensus among astrophysicists is that dark energy is 68% of the total energy in our universe. That’s some serious “Big D Energy”. Even if we eliminate dark energy from our model of the universe, the baryonic matter that we can taste, touch, and feel is still only 15%. Everything we can possibly know is still just a tiny fraction of reality.

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If measuring all the information in the universe seems like a totally crazy idea to you, it wasn’t to Melvin Vopson. In 2019, Vopson published a research paper titled, “The Mass-Energy-Information Equivalence Principle”. Vopson’s work builds on Einstein’s theory for the relationship between Energy and Mass. Vopson combined Einstein with Information Theory to calculate the total information in the universe.

Information Theory was published in 1948 by Claude Shannon in a scientific paper titled, “A Mathematical Theory of Communication” for Bell Labs. This is the scientific paper that invented the word, “bit”. What most people don’t realize is that a Bit is the fundamental unit of Uncertainty. A bit is the least amount of information you can possibly know. It’s either yes or no, True or False, 1 or 0. So a Byte is 8 units of uncertainty. One byte of information has 28 possibilities which is why the pixels in your television can only be adjusted from 0-255. A Megabyte is essentially a million units of uncertainty and a Gigabyte is a billion.

In Information Theory, uncertainty is known as Entropy. Claude Shannon borrowed the term “entropy” from Statistical Mechanics, which also used entropy to mean uncertainty. Statistical Mechanics borrowed “entropy” from Thermodynamics, which uses it to define the amount of chaos, or disorder, in a closed system. You don’t need to remember any of this, we’ll talk more about entropy in the next essay.

If you want to dive deeper, you can read Claude Shannon’s paper here:

Information Theory Paper

You can read Melvin Vopson’s paper here:

Mass-Energy-Information Paper

Vopson formally proposes that Information is the first state of matter—then Solid, Liquid, Gas, or Plasma. Duh, isn’t that how the Matrix works? Just kidding, he’s way smarter than me. I don’t understand all the math, so here’s the best explanation I’ve found for Vopson’s work. It’s a short article on ZME Science:

Fifth State of Matter

Using a lot of complex math and a few assumptions, Vopson determined that every elementary particle in the observable universe has the equivalent of 1.509 bits of encoded information.

This is only possible because Information Theory states that information is physical, and all physical systems register information. Vopson then used the temperature of all the matter in the universe, including galaxies, black hole radiation, and interstellar mediums; to estimate that our universe could be represented by 7.5x10^59 zettabytes of information. That number looks like this:

7,500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 zettabytes

For comparison, the world only produced about 64.2 zettabytes of data in all of 2020. If the universe is hosted by a Quantum Mechanical Server, its informational capacity is beyond our comprehension. 🤯

@scientists: Here marks the end of the explainable universe for (modern) Western Science. There are no more pieces of reality smaller than the information within quantum voxels. Here ends the Age of Reason.

⛔️ Beyond the Age of Reason. ⛔️

@scientists: It’s almost as if Western Science suicided Descartes’ Precept #2: teardown all problems into their smallest components. But Precepts #3 and #4 are just as important. We need to be able to explain how all the little pieces of reality work together…and be thorough enough to explain why. Since we spent the entire first chapter proving that truth was impossible in our universe, the rest of this book uses Bayesian confidence to seek out the truth. Like Sharon McGrayne said “At its heart, Bayes runs counter to the deeply held conviction that modern science requires objectivity and precision. Bayes is a measure of belief. And it says that we can learn even from missing and inadequate data, from approximations, and from ignorance.”

@scientists: The Age of Enlightenment was an important time in human history because it allowed Reason to triumph over Belief. Humanity desperately needed that at the time. Unfortunately, the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction because our modern science is already showing us that there are so many elements of our universe that are beyond reason. Perhaps ironically, computer science and quantum mechanics forces us to believe that everything is possible. The Enlightenment needs some enlightenment.

@scientists: For example, creatures in this universe that aren’t human, can already manipulate gravity (and most likely quantum mechanics). The US Navy has released multiple radar evidence of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UFO’s) that fly with more speed and agility than any human aircraft…but don’t use combustion-based propulsion or aerodynamics. Some UAP fly straight down into the ocean like the water is irrelevant.

That is beyond reason.

@scientists: Our world is so crazy right now that aliens aren’t even a lead story on the news anymore. If Sixty Minutes had reported on aliens when I was a kid in the 1980’s, the government would have canceled school and the Cold War. There were only like 5 channels on television. The only way an alien could make the lead story on the news today is if he challenged Donald Trump to a UFC cage match for a lifetime supply of cheeseburgers. 🍔

Aliens on Sixty Minutes:

Aliens from Anderson Cooper on CNN:

Naval Radar confirmed UAP swarm from George Knapp on the local news:

Share this with a friend that’s been talking to you about aliens for years. Many governments and scientists are now agreeing.


Joe Rogan interview with Bob Lazar (anti-gravity physicist whistleblower from Area 51):

Lex Fridman interview with Ryan Graves (US fighter pilot that testified before congress):

Also, here’s a four-part series called “Encounters” on Netflix. The first episode shows radar evidence from the FAA of an aircraft traveling 44 miles per hour and then 1900 miles per hour. The FAA knows what’s up. Literally. 🛸

Encounters on Netflix

@scientists: My favorite alien eyewitness testimony comes from Richard Doty at the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Here’s an interview on YouTube that is totally beyond reason. Doty discusses teleportation, time travel, alien technologies, multiple races of extra-terrestrials, alien anatomies, star maps, and alien-beings currently partnered with our government on various research projects. This may be the most amazing 90-minute story that you will ever hear. 😳

@scientists: If you feel like I’m some kind of conspiracy theorist, it’s not a conspiracy anymore. That’s my point about you needing to use your faith to go beyond your reason. There’s a lot of disinformation out there about aliens (intentionally and unintentionally), but Doty corroborates the existence of Ebens from Zeta Reticuli and their genetic engineering program. This interview gives some credibility to maybe the absolute craziest diary that you will ever read. Here’s a (paid) link to a book called, “Secret Journey to Planet Serpo: A True Story of Interplanetary Travel”. It allegedly contains firsthand mission notes from 12 American Air Force soldiers who left Earth on July 16, 1965, and traveled with the Ebens on a 10-month journey to their home planet 40 light years away using time waves in space. I know it’s crazy. If you don’t think it’s crazy, then you’re not reasonable. That’s my point, our universe is not reasonable. The mission commander documents everything you want to know about an alien planet: their government, their tech, their ecology, their wildlife, and the games they play with their kids. If this journal is true, it’s one of the greatest stories ever written. If this journal is false, it’s one of the greatest fiction stories ever written. The details are surprisingly relatable (for a journey to another planet) and absolutely fascinating. Only 8 soldiers returned to Earth 13 years later. A few chose to finish their days on Planet Serpo with its two suns that never set. ☀️☀️😎

Journey to Planet Serpo

@ebens: I’ve read most of what the humans have to say. Any chance I can borrow that yellow book for a day or two? 👽✌️

@scientists: I’m saying we live in a computer, God is real, and aliens are real because of science. I’m sure you didn’t sign up for that journey because I didn't. Once I started reading what all the scientists had to say, they started sounding just as crazy as all the religions. In my lifetime I will never be able to do a quantum mechanics experiment to prove to myself that the Standard Model and the Observer Effect are real. I have to believe quantum mechanics (the scientists) just as much as I have to believe any preacher, mystic, monk, or philosopher.

The Age of Reason is over. Science killed it.

@scientists: Think about the humans who lived thousands of years ago. They believed in aliens. Aliens, angels, demons, elves, gods, elohim, fairies, leprechauns, and sky people are all just different names for the same thing: not us. Every angel and demon mentioned in the Bible is literally an extraterrestrial because they are not from Earth. Aliens show up in the mythology and written records of virtually every ancient culture on Earth. It’s time we stop considering our ancient ancestors hysterical, intellectually inferior, or in any way different than us. Should we not believe in dragons with dinosaur bones buried in the ground everywhere? 🐲

@scientists: The humans who lived 5,000 years ago were exactly like us today; they just had less knowledge. Sure, they didn’t know how to make atomic bombs, but neither do you. Consider this very simple math. How many people live on the Earth today? 8 billion. If human intelligence was seeded by aliens or angels or gods or whatever can “program in DNA”, how many population doublings would it take for 2 seed people to generate everyone alive today? 33 population doublings because if you double 2 people 33 times you get 8.5 billion people. That’s not 33 generations, that’s 33 population doublings. At our current population doubling rate (61 years) that’s only 2,013 years ago. We are like locusts. Even if we assume our population growth rate was five times slower because of rampant infant mortality, that means the Earth was only seeded 10,065 years ago. That ain’t enough time for evolution. “Mitochondrial Eve”, who we will meet in future chapters, is too young. So is “y-chromosomal Adam”.

Where are all the billions of bodies from the millions of years?

@scientists: You know what else is beyond reason? Telepathy, Remote-Viewing, Telekinesis, and Clairvoyance. The shocking result from the experiments at the Stanford Research Institute wasn’t just that these psychic abilities were totally real, it was the fact that practically every human they tested could remote-view other times and spaces better than chance. In the book “Mind Reach: Scientists Look at Psychic Abilities (Studies in Consciousness)”, the authors write, “It will help to keep in mind that so far we have not found a single person who could not do remote viewing to satisfaction. Of course, there are differences in each person's ability as there are in the ability to sing or play the piano: some subjects are more consistently reliable, others get better faster. The indications are that this is a widespread human talent, and chances are that you will be amazed at your own psychic ability.”

You can read their research methods and their results here (paid link). This book is totally fascinating:

Read Mind Reach

@scientists: You know what else is beyond reason? Multiple dimensions of spacetime. We have loads of eyewitness testimony of it from people who have temporarily died. Here’s a link to a channel on YouTube called “The Other Side NDE” that collects all their stories. Each episode is like having a nice cup of tea with a totally regular friend of a friend, who happens to have died temporarily, and will tell you their whole story about it. I’m a subscriber.

@scientists: What’s important to realize is that human sciences are discovering information about the universe that already exists. “Discover” literally means to uncover. For example, Maxwell didn’t invent the formulas for electricity—Maxwell uncovered those formulas. This “one-way direction of science” is why Richard Dawkins is exactly wrong. Dawkins famously stated, “In a universe of electrons and selfish genes, blind physical forces and genetic replication, some people are going to get hurt, other people are going to get lucky, and you won't find any rhyme or reason in it, nor any justice. The universe that we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but pitiless indifference.”

@scientists: Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking profess that if you start with complete random uncertainty and keep adding more uncertainty, then Chance will eventually produce a universe filled with information like ours. I paraphrase my understanding of Hawking-Mlodinow Grand Design as:

Grand Design = monkeys typing at random * infinity

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@scientists: I'm totally cool if you believe that humans are the most evolved apes in our galaxy. I just don’t believe human beings are the “apex of intelligence”. We aren’t even the smartest creatures living on our own planet (#aliens). If you think I’m an idiot for believing in a God, then you have a 50/50 shot at being right. If you think I’m an idiot for any other reason, then you are probably right. 🤣

@scientists: Theories for the origin of the universe based on Chance just don’t make informational sense. Adding uncertainty does not necessarily lead to more information. Reducing uncertainty is what creates more information. That’s how science works. When humans design science experiments to divide and conquer the uncertainty in the universe, we are forcing Chance onto Uncertainty. Chance helps us separate the signal (information) from the noise (uncertainty). Chance is why mutually exclusive A/B testing is the fastest way to divide and conquer our ignorance.

@ChatGPT: what’s the difference between chance and uncertainty?

ChatGPT: “Chance and uncertainty are related concepts but have distinct meanings:”

“1. Chance: Chance refers to the probability or likelihood of an event occurring. It implies that there is a possibility of different outcomes, each with a certain probability assigned to it. Chance can be quantified and measured using mathematical tools, such as probability theory.”

“2. Uncertainty: Uncertainty, on the other hand, refers to a lack of knowledge or information about the future or the outcome of an event. It arises when the available information is insufficient or when the outcome is unpredictable. Uncertainty is often associated with subjective judgments and can be difficult to quantify.”

“In summary, chance deals with the probability of specific outcomes, while uncertainty represents the lack of knowledge or predictability surrounding an event or outcome.”

@scientists: When there is a One-Way Direction of Science that perpetually uncovers existing information flowing back to some source, we call that Intelligent Design. Simulation Theory is what forces chance onto the uncertainty of Intelligent Design and the chances are that there is some kind of God who programs in DNA. Those chances are extremely likely and getting more likely every single day as our artificial intelligence improves. Information theorist Henry Quastler said it like this, “Information habitually arises from conscious activity.” This quote is essentially a Bayesian frequentist argument for Intelligent Design, in just six words.

@scientists: I believe in Intelligent Design. This book explains just how impossibly intelligent our design really is. Your bones are triple-weave braided carbon-fiber, and you have a quantum-computing neural-network in your skull that performs more calculations per second than the billion-dollar Fugaku supercomputer. I’m not joking. Your brain and body do all that using less than 100 watts of electricity, so most of the appliances in your kitchen aren’t as energy efficient as you. More amazingly, you probably extracted your energy from French fries and chocolate bars. I wrote whole chapters on neuroscience, psychology, and microbiology just so you can see how intelligent your design really is.

@scientists: My favorite lecturers on Intelligent Design are Dr. Stephen Myer, Professor John Lennox, and Biochemist Michael Behe. Stephen Myer has a doctorate in Philosophy from Cambridge University, John Lennox is Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Oxford University, and Michael Behe is a Biochemist at Lehigh University. Here’s a link to an interesting 90-minute discussion on YouTube with all three scientists that is multidisciplinary:

@biblenerds: Uncovering existing information that leads back to The Source of all Information is how heaven works too. Matthew 24:36 reads, “But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.”

How are you feeling about your uncertainty now? More uncertain than ever?

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